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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, February 15, 2009

facebook status updates I'd like to use

Heather Gant Sauls Darby thinks seeing Tim Tebow in the pits at Daytona makes watching all the prerace nonsense well worth it.

HGSD needs to do her taxes but it would involve looking in two places for her two W-2s and that involves more energy than I have at the moment.

HGSD is glad that the Dean-ie babies got to go to Seaworld this weekend and hopes the intentions were honest

HGSD thinks the guy that is singing the National Anthem at Daytona is a bit non-redneck/nascar looking

HGSD sure hopes the lentil soup that she just ate doesn't make a quick reappearance like everything else she's put in her body today. It's gurgling.

HGSD loves to see racecar drivers kiss their pretty wives before jumping into their cars

HGSD doesn't understand how anyone can drive 500 miles without having to stop to pee. Isn't that what a pit stop is for?

HGSD is glad to not be in Jacksonville but does miss watching NASCAR in Middleburg with Tim and his babies... and definitely misses the treasures from the grill that the Darby boys would create.

HGSD hopes the trolls have been eliminated with the upgrade to prevent anonymous comments. Own it or don't say it here. I put my name and face behind everything I say.

HGSD wishes her power cord wasn't so positional.

HGSD wishes her stomach wasn't so positional. If I'm absolutely still I'm ok.

HGSD feels like a major slacker for not going to church today.

HGSD still has that fuzzy, dizzy head thing going on. It's so unfair that I feel hangover sick when I haven't had a drink in... well, as long as I can remember!

HGSD admits that she has had that hangover sick thing before or else I wouldn't have anything to compare it to.

HGSD thinks Robert Drake is my most favorite commenter on my blog, even though we don't always agree. *blows RWD a germ free kiss*

HGSD thinks Charlie Crist looks like such a poser. He's a little light in the loafers to give the "Gentlemen start your engines" order.

HGSD may have to admit that she actually enjoys NASCAR just a little bit despite her insistance that it is simply, "go fast, turn left"

HGSD needs to get up and rearrange the pillows in the nest

HGSD wishes laundry could hang itself and that 14 year old boys remembered to put milk back in the fridge

HGSD thinks it's odd that she always craves spicy food when she's nauseated

HGSD is thinking the pink/purple/light blue shirts of these Daytona announcers is a bit girly

HGSD didn't know Bill Elliott was still racing

HGSD needs to update her subscription to - it's only $5 a month

HGSD has been trying to catch up on blogs that she hasn't read in awhile but hasn't felt chatty enough to comment

HGSD was up too stinking late last night

HGSD and her son have done their part to provide economic stimulus to the Girl Scouts this weekend... five boxes worth

HGSD thinks its reassuring that no matter how tough things get in life, NASCAR keeps on rolling

HGSD needs to run by city hall and pay her water bill tomorrow morning on the way to work and is sure that she's gonna forget

HGSD is glad she got child support this weekend, even if it's still less than what it's supposed to be and doesn't include health insurance like it's supposed to

HGSD wonders what the weather is like outdoors

HGSD fell asleep watching South Pacific last night

HGSD guesses you must be bored with all these status updates. Love and hugs, y'all.


Peaceful Epiphany said...

I actually went to facebook to see if you used all these today LOL.

Curious to know WHO took the Dean-o kids to Seaworld???

Also curious to know who the trolls are/were??

Do you have the flu?

I haven't been out of bed yet today!! LOL. Been snuggling all morning watching movies and cuddling. But now that things are stirring here, I need to. SUCH the bummer. LOL.

Yesterday, we stayed in bed til 3pm!!! BLISS I tell ya!

Joann said...

I fell asleep during 'the race' but woke up just in time to hear them announce the winner: Matt Kenseth by default... the race still had 45 laps to go, but it was raining too long and too hard.

cw2smom said...

You are one witty girl! Hey..I just did a facebook and may have to look you up!! Blessings and I hope you feel better soon. I am being Mother Hen-ish again, but I am not sure that lentils are a good thing to eat when you are have stomach problems. ::shivering thinkin' of them coming back up!:: Yikes! Take care, Lisa

Marvin said...

Marvin wonders if someone's obsession with Tim Tebow might be a tad bit unhealthy........

Tina of Moon Shine said...

unfortunately, even though you deleted it, enough of your prevous entry about the troll and its comments was left on the "dashboard" for all to see. is CnM married or maybe getting a divorce himself?? and if so, who in the world would bother with that on HERE? because that means, you have a 'local" troll. which would make me VERY uncomfortable.
by the way, hope you feel better soon...

Ryan said...

So racecar drivers actually do have to pee somewhere in that 500 miles, but they wear a Texas catheter. Racecar is my favorite palindrome. Josh is wanting to know if you got his wedding invitation btw...