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My People
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

more stuff from Saturday

NOOOooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOo Rhianna!
That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Today didn't really turn out like i expected... back to that old saying that "Man plans and God laughs". I got to the office and the painter was there... the entire lobby covered with drop cloths... I went in and said, "ummm... did Duane not tell you that we open the office on Saturday?"... obviously not. That was sort of a stupid question on my part. The guy is super nice and offered to clear out... but the paint smell was so strong that I wouldn't have been able to hang anyways... I just told him if anyone stopped by, to offer our apologies for the confusion. It wasn't his fault. I had no idea he still had work to do. I'm sure Duane thought it would have already been done (Duane's been out of town for the past week). It just was one of those things.

I had already planned to have lunch with Angie and the girls so I called and asked if they were up (it was about 9am, they like to sleep in a bit on Saturdays when they can) and they were... so I took my McDonalds Fruit and Yogurt partfait and went over to hang out with the girls. Jim and Angie are back in their house but there is still a good bit of cleaning and painting and finishing work to be done. Angie's mom "Grammy" was there to pitch in. Jim had to head back to Discipleship Now. Angie needed to run get groceries and run a few errands... so I stayed and hung out with the girls, which was great fun for me! We played dolls and cleaned out the "dress up closet". My girls could open their own costume shop! We played "I spy" and jumped on the bed and practiced doing splits (I can still do one!) and just had great girl bonding time.

Sarabeth did NOT want me to leave. She blocked the door... begggggged me to stay... I told her I had to go clean my house... she said, "why can't you just live here?"... she is not usually clingy... but she has been pretty emotional lately with the damage to the house, being away from home for three weeks, mom being out of town for a few days and so on. When I kept the girls on Valentine's day she was a little teary when her parents left. I think she's just having trouble with transitions right now. She's a really sensitive girl... very introspective and quiet, like her dad. I was the social one, Jim was the quiet one. Jamie and Sarabeth are the same way.

Jamie is sick... still running fevers. At one point this morning she just curled up in my lap and wanted to be held. Grammy gave her some motrin before I left. When I checked in with Angie a few minutes ago Jamie was still running a fever. She's gonna take Jamie to the doc-in-the-box... tomorrow we're expecting bad weather (I hope!) and we don't want to have a sick baby and have to try to get her to the doctor then. Sarabeth is gonna hang with Aunt Heather while they go... and we're going to all do dinner together. It's a bit different from my plans for going to the concert... but I'm ok with it. I could just curl up in the nest and stay here until Monday!

The kids from Discipleship Now had some mission projects planned for today, it was part of the program, but they were outdoor plans... so one of the groups got to go to Jim and Angie's and help with the "disaster recovery". They finished up what we started upstairs. Sarabeth is like me... she loves a clean room but doesn't want to have to clean it herself.

We had sad news this morning... My grandmother's sweetie passed away last night. Jerry would have celebrated his 93rd birthday in two weeks... he and grandma have been an item for many years... he's like a part of the family. Grandma is 85... Jerry had been in a nursing home for the last little bit. She would go and spend every afternoon with him and stay until around 8pm. I know it's hard for her... sounds like the memorial service will be Friday. She lives "over the mountain" in Hayesville, NC. It's about 45 minutes from here.

I cracked open Austin's bedroom door with the thought of maybe cleaning it while he was gone. Then I had second thoughts... ugh.

I still need to make a run to the grocery store, but to be honest, I'm just not loving food right now. Anything good hurts to eat. Maybe this will jump start some weight loss for me...

ST3LBLTDKFKWC aka Stubby has been really possessive of me today. He squawks whenever I move.

I took a little nap this afternoon... woke up to talk to Dean... although I think we both were so tired that we mostly just grunted back and forth. He's taking a few days to collect his thoughts and plan his future. It looks like Andrea will have custody of the kids although I can't really *blog* about the terms and details. He knew this could happen. It still hurts, what can you do? He could use some love from the Blogger Babes.

Univ of Kentucky is playing LSU on tv... from Rupp Arena... so I'm watching basketball this afternoon.

It's been a relaxing day for me... I needed it.

May be more later... love and hugs!


Barbara said...

Sounds like a fun day with the girls. I am glad you get to spend time with them. I never could do the splits sniff.
I hope you start being pain free soon.

Tina of Moon Shine said...

sounds like a real nice day. I wonder if it will snow? Part of me hopes it does, we shal see....

Anonymous said...

You need to start to put together a list!

Cinnamon twists from Publix... what else? Are you a soup person? Trader Joes has an excellent selection of them.

What about pasta, rice, or curry?

Please let me know by wednesday so I can bring you city delights!

slj said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmothers friend Jerry. Hope it's not too hard on her.

Anonymous said...

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