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My People
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Monday, February 16, 2009

monday rambling

I opened my eyes this morning and the first thing I saw was that it was light outside. I always wake up when it's still dark outside... so my first thought this morning was, "this... cannot be good". It was 7:36am. I pulled it together with curly hair and a schlumpy outfit and made it to work by 8:40am. Duane was off today but I still emailed him and confessed my sins... I'm like that. Oy! the guilt! As it turned out we had sawdust EVERYWHERE from the new floors... which are beautiful, by the way... and it took me until 9am to get the dust knocked down enough to be able to function (and as most of you know, I'm not the neatest person in the world). Work was steady but not too busy... and I spent the last half hour trying to clean the new floors. I couldn't stand the sawdust any more. Don't contractors clean behind themselves any more?

That rambling paragraph is a great summary of my day. I've been exhausted all day. Dean says it's my "pill popping"... *joke*... since Michael and Andrea have both referred to me as a "head case" and a "pill popper". Dean read to me today from some of the legal documents that Andrea has entered in their custody case ... and based on her answers, I'd say she is the headcase! But... she did give me some great ideas! She thinks that because she moved to Florida for Dean's career that she's entitled to his 401K.... hmmmm.... I like! Heaven knows that being Michael's gypsy didn't help my career any... although I am blessed to be working where I am... and I do adore my boss (just in case he's reading... *straightening the halo again*). It just sucks to not have any vacation or sick leave for a whole year.

That will be my new blog... instead of "tightening the corset again" I should be "straightening the halo again".

Crunch n munch has trivia night tonight... I really should pay attention to the names of the places he works so that I can share with my Atlanta friends who might actually be interested in going. He wants me to go and I want to go... but I'll need some wingmen... since he's working, and all. We had a couple of pleasant conversations today... it's always good to talk to him. *wink* Don't worry, Blogger Babes, I'm still in a good/safe place!

I'm watching University of Kentucky vs. University of Arkansas... love college basketball! Ashley Judd has done some UK commercials, she's a huge fan and I'm a huge fan of her (despite her politics, but if I didn't love people in spite of their politics, I'd be a lonely girl!).

Today is Attorney Matt's birthday! He's 36! So young... to have accomplished so much! My friend Stacey, who was my buddy in Early Childhood Education class was Matt's counselor at camp when he was a little fella. My world really only has two degrees of separation.

My Booboo has a new blog on blogger. He's one of my followers so you can find him by clicking on the little tiny face on the sidebar that says, "Ryan". No mistaking him... he's my kid. His blogging style is truly Heather but his language and topics make a mommy wince. He's true to who he is, though... that's my boy! Someone asked us when he was a baby if we'd still be calling him, "booboo" when he was a grown man. I said, "probably". Yep. We are.

Kentucky is winning, by the way.

I actually cooked dinner tonight. I'm still having tummy troubles but I'm powering through... I'm tough like that *cough,cough*. Actually, I'm POOR like that and don't have sick leave! Ha! I apparently ingested something that isn't right for me... probably those peanut butter do-si-do cookies I bought from the Girl Scouts gave me salmonella! That's a joke... I was sick before I opened the box of do-si-dos. Don't want to give the GS bad press.

I have two piles of clothes in my bedroom floor: clean clothes waiting to be folded and dirty clothes waiting to be washed. Eventually.

Tomorrow I have to make a Walmart run to get a surprise for Sarabeth. She has been crying every night since their house flooded...they are staying with some amazing, wonderful, loving people but Sarabeth misses her nest. I tried to talk to her about it... does crying help? does it make her feel less frustrated?... and promised that if she was a big girl and didn't cry Saturday night she'd get a surprise. She toughed it out! It will probably be March before their back in their house but they are making progress. We are so blessed that they could stay where they are... it's comfy, cozy for them. And how like God to return to them the favor that they have extended to so many people.

I locked my bedroom door tonight and it's driving Austin crazy. I locked the door when I was changing clothes and haven't gotten out of my nest long enough to unlock it and he's tried to open the door a half dozen times. It's not like he's locked OUT... our bedrooms are connected by a bathroom... and the bathroom door is open... but he doesn't seem to want to go that route.

I spent a long time on the phone with Dean tonight. He needed a little love from his BFF. And since Marvin was working... *laugh*... I really don't prioritize in that way. I'm usually an equal opportunity phone call ignorer. I HATE to talk on the phone. Anyone who gets me on the phone must be living right.

No offense, Booboo. Oh, yes, Ryan, I did get Joshy's invite and it made me cry but yes, I will be there. There wasn't an RSVP card... but I will definitely go. Couldn't miss it. Will take tissues.

My friend Michele is 40 and she looks amazing! Happy Birthday honey!

I read the book of Esther on lunch today. And then I read Ruth. And then I did half a day of my Breaking Free bible study. I was just hungry for some inspiration. All three were helpful. And then I heard the lyrics this afternoon... "so often times it happens... that we live our lives in chains... and we never even know we have the key"... that's sort of what Breaking Free is about. Using the key I already have. So far, so good!

Hugs to my friend Tracy who was in my homeroom in Junior High school who is now reading my blog... just know that I am praying for you! Glad you stopped by!

Ok... I'm exhausted. Love and hugs, y'all.


Margaret said...

you should go to and check out Stephen Davey's series on Esther. It was really good.

Here's the address:

You'll have to scroll down to Jan. 30, that's where it starts. You'll really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Mindel, you should not know from such guilt! Still, it's a mitzvah to be honest, yes?

I feel so much for your brother and for their kids. What has made her crying worth assuaging?

I would think that it would be a pretty good response to the helplessness she might feel.

That's a tough place.

As for you and Dean, you can think of yourself as outlaws and partners... since your exes have gotten together. Outlaws get to have a lot more fun...

moshell's lilbit of space said...

AWWW....Heather, thank you. I had a great birthday!!!

We are reading Esther right now (wishing I had our Sunday school lesson to share something with you) but I will get it & post later.

Love to you. *hugs*

cj said...

I am currently doing a Beth Moore Bible study on Esther. It just started last week. And I am sooooo loving it.
I am glad you are doing so well. I really missed reading what has been happening in your life.