My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, February 28, 2009

only good stuff

I decided to challenge myself to write a WHOLE blog entry on things that make me happy... let's see how many I can come up with... these are in no specific order...

1. Playing dolls with Sarabeth and Jamie
2. Sarabeth blocking the door today because she didn't want me to leave
3. Singing the wake up song to Sarabeth this morning and being able to see her first smile of the day
4. Hearing Jamie say, "Time to get up, sister!"
5. Having breakfast with Sarabeth and Angie
6. My keurig coffee maker
7. McDonald's fruit and yogurt parfaits
8. My nest
9. Snow
10. the sunset behind the mountains
11. my country road commute
12. text messages
13. email
14. facebook
15. Beth Moore bible studies
16. my church - Helen First Baptist
17. Helen
18. town squares
19. karaoke with Purple Michael
20. showtunes
21. being catty with Candice
22. postcards from Robert Drake
23. quittin' time
24. pay day
25. commissions
26. the Great Commission
27. worship service at HFBC
28. Wednesday night dinner at HFBC
29. the Woodward kids
30. playing "I one it, I two it" with Sarabeth and Jamie
31. Austin's hot chocolate
32. new magazines
33. my laptop
34. my big tv
35. the air before a storm
36. the ocean (but not the beach)
37. venti iced green tea with splenda from Starbucks
38. fruit and cheese platter from Starbucks
39. having a picnic at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco with Jen
40. lunch dates
41. flying
42. Kristen Chenowith
43. Boston with Michael
44. Old Tyme Trolley Tours - anywhere
45. New York City!
46. New York City with Bryan and Candice!
47. being an aunt
48. being a mom
49. the Paris casino in Las Vegas
50. the Venetian casino in Las Vegas
51. air conditioning in Las Vegas
52. rest areas between Atlanta and Jacksonville (I know them well)
53. health insurance
54. the book of Isaiah
55. the book of Romans
56. Sunday School
57. Sunday night home group fellowship
58. my "young mothers bible study" on Wednesday night
59. roasted chick peas
60. roasted asparagus
61. my stepson Stephen when he's feeling sociable
62. taking Bobby to the library
63. Elijah saying, "I loooove you, Curious George!"
64. grilling with the Darby brothers
65. air conditioning in Jacksonville
66. text pictures from Whitney at Gators games
67. televised Gators games
68. University of Kentucky basketball
69. watching Jeopardy with Michael
70. our house in Woodstock - hands down, best house I've EVER lived in!
71. State Farm
72. closing a big sale
73. hugs
74. Jon and Kate Plus 8
75. Friends
76. Toddlers and Tiaras, Little Miss Perfect and other such shows
77. Ryan's blog
78. watching Cody play baseball
79. salmon at Longhorns
80. good Thai food
81. a clean house that I didn't have to clean
82. laughing so hard with Purple Michael that we fart...
83. Steel Magnolias, the movie and the phenomenon
84. being stubborn
85. Patsy Cline
86. Savannah
87. songs that bring back memories
88. singing along to the radio
89. not caring if I sing well or not
90. staying in touch with old friends
91. phone calls from Barry, Cory, Purple Michael, Matt, my BFF in Holly Springs
92. ambien
93. clothes that fit
94. finding socks that match
95. the capri sweat pants I stole from Angie that became my favorite Saturday outfit
96. my grumpy sweatshirt that Michael gave me
97. the Melting Pot
98. the library
99. the internet
100. Fox News
101. Rush Limbaugh
102. living in a place where they ask, "now, who are your people?" and having that actually make a difference
103. living in a place where who you know and who you're related to and where you go to church is your credit
104. hugs
105. comments on my blog (hint hint!)
106. voting
107. taking awesome pictures with my little digital camera
108. sharpies
109. birthdays
110. sterling silver rings
111. my grandma's quilt, bible and afghan
112. straight hair
113. barbies
114. Publix
115. Old Navy
116. thrift stores
117. naps
118. my bible that is falling apart... and the saying that a bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't...
119. My blogger babes/Mother Hens
120. Caleb's smile
121. tax refunds
122. the Olympics
123. people who are passionate about something - a favorite team, their profession, their faith, politics
124. bedtime
125. pillows
126. surprises (getting and giving!)
127. snail mail
128. peace
129. being alive

Ok... your turn... if you blog a "good stuff" entry, leave a comment so we can check it out!
love and happy hugs!


Peaceful Epiphany said...

White Swans in the Lake,
Sneaking a look inside a white limo right after,
Screaming air force Jets over head,
The red Pu-Tang!

Diane said...

That was totally awesome : )