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My People
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm still alive

I'm starting to get, "are you alright?" emails since I haven't blogged in the last two days. I'm fine. Just busy. I didn't even realize I hadn't blogged!

Today is my appointment with the oral surgeon to determine what can be done with my dislocated jaw. I've been doing great... they gave me those hardcore anti-inflammatory things and I was painfree for over a week. Yesterday it was bothering me again but I was determined not to acknowledge it. By the end of Bible Study... it was all I could think about.

There were storms all over Georgia last night (and Alabama, apparently, based on Mary's daughter's facebook status updates) although not as bad here in the mountains. We did have some awesome lightning strikes driving home from church... lighting up the silhouette of the mountains in the night sky... that was an awesome sight! Driving home was just a tiny bit stressful as it was raining hard and dark and there were lots of puddles and we have no *forgiveness* on the side of these mountain roads... Austin and I sang and laughed and he ate a hot dog...

There were hotdogs left over from Wednesday night supper at church. They always fix hotdogs for the little kids who don't want to eat the entree that is being served and last night they had too many. Since my bible study class is "Young Mothers" (ok, I don't really qualify in that description, but I still love the class) they gave us the leftovers. They also gave us big portions of leftover cobbler. I got to the car with six hotdogs... only four made it home.

At any rate... between work, bible study, the rain and the pain... I was exhausted last night. I got online and chatted a bit but was at the point of not making sense when my power cord wimped out on me again and I didn't have the energy to get things booted back up. I just went to sleep.

Tuesday I had my Ethics class for the credits I need to renew my Georgia Insurance License. Ethics classes tend to vary... but this one was a bit odd... the guy started off talking about stress and how it affects us in the workplace. He had us take this test developed by Holmes and Rahe (google 'em, I don't have much info). The test is listed at the bottom if you want to test yourself... don't have time to make it purdy, sorry. This helps you evaluate your stress level based on events of the last twelve months. I really don't WANT to think about the events of the last twelve months. I'm using all my energy to move PAST the events of the last twelve months. Not surprisingly, I scored the highest in the class and it really depressed me. "Nobody knows... the trouble I've seen". But the test is flawed because it doesn't factor in things like friends... family... support systems... faith... medication... I mean, yeah, from a snapshot view I should be curled up in a ball completely unable to function - especially if you extend that view back two years instead of one! - but God is just so much bigger than all that stuff.

It was a fun class. (not) But I got my credits...

Yesterday I had a lunch date with Crunch-n-munch... we went to a place that was really close to my office and I had a thousand things going through my mind... I was not great company, I'm afraid... our next date is not until next Wednesday.

What else am I forgetting to tell you? Hmmm...

Oh, you have to check out this new website statefarm has out - it's got lots of little things to do. YOU MUST do the apartment ninja game. You try to stuff as many things in your bag in sixty seconds and it calculates the value. At the end you can click to a page about renters insurance. It is soooo much fun! Our Agency Field Executive was in the office yesterday and we were playing it together. I do love my job!

I had two life insurance appointments yesterday and one didnt show... the other one ended up with their one month old baby in the hospital with RSV. Not sure what I'm going to have to do to sell life insurance... but I'm working Saturdays again starting this week... maybe that will help.

Need to get off here and start the glam routine. Sorry to worry you, will try to blog tonight or you can find me in facebook. Love and hugs!

In the past 12 to 24 months, which of the following major life events have taken place in your life.
Make down the points for each event that you have experienced this year.
When you're done looking at the whole list, add up the points for each event.
Check your score at the bottom.
_____ 100 Death of Spouse _____ 73 Divorce _____ 65 Marital Separation or from relationship partner_____ 63 Jail Term _____ 63 Death of close family member _____ 53 Personal injury or illness _____ 50 Marriage _____ 47 Fired from work _____ 45 Marital reconciliation _____ 45 Retirement _____ 44 Change in family member's health _____ 40 Pregnancy _____ 39 Sex difficulties _____ 39 Addition to family _____ 39 Business readjustment_____ 38 Change in financial status _____ 37 Death of close friend _____ 36 Change to a different line of work _____ 35 Change in number of marital arguments _____ 31 Mortgage or loan over $30,000 _____ 30 Foreclosure of mortgage or loan _____ 29Change in work responsibilities _____ 29 Trouble with in-laws _____ 28 Outstanding personal achievement _____ 26 Spouse begins or stops work _____ 26 Starting or finishing school _____ 25 Change in living conditions _____ 24 Revision of personal habits _____ 23 Trouble with boss _____ 20 Change in work hours, conditions _____ 20 Change in residence _____ 20 Change in schools _____ 19 Change in recreational habits _____ 19 Change in church activities _____ 18 Change in social activities _____ 17 Mortgage or loan under $20,000 _____ 16 Change in sleeping habits _____ 15 Change in number of family gatherings _____ 15 Change in eating habits _____ 13 Vacation _____ 12 Christmas season _____ 11 Minor violations of the law

______ Your Total Score
This scale shows the kind of life pressure that you are facing. Depending on your coping skills or the lack thereof, this scale can predict the likelihood that you will fall victim to a stress related illness. The illness could be mild - frequent tension headaches, acid indigestion, loss of sleep to very serious illness like ulcers, cancer, migraines and the like


sober white women said...

Your little chart does not have my mother listed on it! That will cause enough stress for aanyone! LOL
I do hope that you get some sales.

Jessica said...

Okay so I took the test, what does my score mean?

Janis said...

So what was your score? : ) Mine was 292 (If I added right! lol).

I always thinks it funny that they have "pregnancy" as a 40 and addition to the family as a 39 - in my mind it's pretty close! :) lol


Janis said...

So what was your score? : ) Mine was 292 (If I added right! lol).

I always thinks it funny that they have "pregnancy" as a 40 and addition to the family as a 39 - in my mind it's pretty close! :) lol


Tina of Moon Shine said...

do you have to live in GA to purchase life insurance from you?

Loftninja said...

State Farm is ripping off the Loftninja with this stupid game....The apartment ninja is a RIPOFF!