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My People
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Full Moon

It's a full moon. Trust me.

How can we spend trillion - with a T- dollars as a nation? How do we even have Trillions of dollars? I can't wrap my mind around it.

Crunch n-Munch (copyright Jen) and I have two dates planned for this week... I don't know that it's officially "a thing" yet... but I'm having fun. It's been a long time since a straight guy of the opposite sex ... ok, an AVAILABLE straight guy of the opposite sex who found me attractive and appealing wanted to spend time with me. We're having lunch on Wednesday and ... ??? on Friday. I'm supposed to decide the what/where for Friday night. Oy! The pressure! They roll up the sidewalks here at dark!

(I realize that guy and opposite sex are redundant. Sorry)

I've been on the phone with CnM so much that Dean is feeling left out. Please know that you will always be my number one phone buddy, Dean. Gotta represent the faithful spouses! I think we'll be friends all the way until your babies are having babies. I'm committed, honey, and I know what that means!

An 85 year old woman came into my office today with her 87 year old husband and their dog. Yes. Dog. She was precious. I mean the lady, not the dog. The dog was ok but y'all know I'm not a dog person. She was admiring my rings (just some silver bands, you've seen them, nothing expensive or FAKE) and she noticed the ring on my left hand (where my fake wedding bands used to be) and notice that the ring says, "hope". She asked if it meant something. I answered honestly... that I bought the ring to replace my wedding rings after my husband and I split up. She said, "you have many good years ahead". She met her husband when she was 70 and got hit by a car. She had to go to physical therapy and met him there. They have been partners for each other in the autumn of their lives.... you can tell they are very much in love. What a blessing. What an encouragement she was to me!

Oops. I haven't told CnM that I'm not a dog person and he is. Well. It was bound to come out eventually. He also like the Tarheels (Mary just gave us her approval).

Austin just figured out he has next Monday out of school. No fair. Boo hiss.

CnM is hosting trivia tonight. He's picking up an extra night starting next week... three nights of trivia. He'll be the smartest guy EVER! I still get up earlier and am at work longer than him every day but he knows more random stuff than I'll ever know. I will someday hang with him at trivia but I need some wing men.

I still love my job. Today was really hectic but I found myself laughing a lot. Not a bad way to earn a living. The best part was when some cretin who couldn't pay his bill tried to tell me his credit card wasn't going through because I wasn't entering the number right. I turned my computer toward him and said, "ok... you show me what I've entered that's wrong?" Loser. Then he wanted me to take $20 in cash and $10 on the credit card. I calculated how long he had before he cancelled and told him to go buy groceries. Seriously.

I have this other client who is just dense. He is a cute guy (and single) but everything I tell him has to be repeated a dozen times before he gets it. His kid backed into a friend's car in the driveway... I spent an hour with him on the phone explaining how to file a claim... and another hour filing the claim. I exaggerate. It was a long time.

Another client called and identified herself and we discussed some changes to her car insurance. After about ten minutes she said, "let me give you my name so you can look at my policy" I answered with, "oh, I have it right here Ms. So-and-so with your such and such car". She said, "how did you know who I was... I never told you!" She was sorta mad until I burst out laughing and said, "I'm good but I'm not that good!". We laughed for like, five minutes.

Our office is really starting to take shape. I need to take some more pictures to show you. The smell of paint has kept me sorta high all day. Hmmm... maybe that's why I was laughing?

There is this new Kashi frozen dinner that is just awesome... the Mayan Bake. You HAVE to try it! It's whole grains topped with sweet potatoes and plantains. It's really good. I completely undid all that good by having a hotdog with cheese for dinner. I meant to eat two but I was on the phone with Dean. Great diet plan - my husband's mistress's husband...

I got a new Good Housekeeping in the mail today. That made me happy.

Robert... I got some kind of garbled message from my child today saying that you had called and wanted to me to look at something. He sucks as an answering machine. Please email/comment me to tell me what you had hoped he was reliable enough to relay to me. Apologies. Next time just tell him to hang up and let you leave the message on the machine. Or promise him money. Or porn. He's almost fifteen. You have to work at holding his attention.

Booboo... I got your calls... sorry... I'll try to call tomorrow. Mommy is just lousy at returning calls. But you know this already. Get a facebook already. I mean, your grandparents do!.

Ryan's BFF Joshy- remember the kid who always spent the night with us? There's a picture of him on the sidebar, I think... I got his wedding invitation in the mail today and I cried. Yes, kids, I cried. Your mommy cries every first day of school, of course she is going to cry when your friends get married. It's inevitable. At least you'll have the pleasure of laughing and pointing at Josh's wedding just like you did every first day of school.

(there is not a picture of Josh on the sidebar. I will find one and add it.)

Barack just said, "shakey assets" and it made me laugh. He also said, "number two" and that made me laugh. Ok. Maybe it's a combo of paint fumes, antidepressants and anti inflammatory pills!

The hardcore anti-inflammatory meds have helped my jaw tremendously. I'm feeling tons better. I have also been eating a lot less and I think that helps.

Well.... that's it for tonight folks.... thanks for coming. Don't forget to tip your bartender. Try the hummus. Love and hugs!


Peaceful Epiphany said...

I officially relieve you of the CnM copyright.

YES, this definitely WAS a blog brought to us by paint fumes, anti inflammatory meds and something else...not quite sure..but I have my guesses!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I really should read these more. They've been quite insightful. Crunch-n-munch......hmmmmmmm. I kinda like the sound of that.

*Tracy* said...

you sound soooo happy and alittle something else in this entry lol. but glad your happy. have a good day. hugs

Anonymous said...

Hey! I must venture up to White County tomorrow.

Let's hang out!

Your son was to write down the phrase fashion semiotics and consider upon whom meaning was incumbent in terms of the clothes people wear, especially given your role as a costumer.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well...I never would have gotten Dr. Drakes phone messasge correct either. And I don't have Aspergers.

Just saying.

PinkAngel said...

It warms my heart to see how far you have come and I am so glad you have found someone and that he actually has a heart and not a blackhole like "him".
I love your blogs, you and Jen man I could read for days and still would find something new everytime..
Now if you could just pray for me as I too am going through a divorce and I thought I had met someone on Myspace but he wasn't meant to be. I know I will get past this I just wish it didn't have to hurt so bad...I really really liked him... :(