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My People
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

blogging under the influence

Random news from off the top of my head...

I went to work and my head just hurt too stinking bad... so I left around lunch time.

My co-worker Theresa is really struggling with the paralysis of her face... not sure if I blogged about this here or in my other blog but please remember her in prayer. She has a condition called - let me get this right - antiphospholipid antibody syndrome - and she took about 10 months off of work to deal with her disease. She just started back to work in mid-April and is really struggling with this paralysis. She's been all over the country looking for treatment and answers and it's just not working. Theresa tried to work today too and didn't make it... we're a hearty bunch, aren't we?

I went to see the doctor this afternoon because I knew that this was not an ordinary headache. He agreed. He did the neuro stuff to make sure I wasn't stroking out. I'm not. (or as he put it, "let's make sure there's not a loose wire there"... ummmm... I'm thinking we can't rule that out!) After an extended discussion we determined/decided/figured out that the changes I've been making with diet have led to the headache. I've cut out sweet tea and soda... and I've pretty much cut out sweets... and I had been packing in a lot of sugar... so it looks like this is a detox sort of migraine. He gave me something called maxalt that is supposed to be better than imitrex and had samples at the office so I didn't have to take my aching head through the pharmacy. You think about these things when you don't have anyone to run to the drug store for you. Not that Michael ever did... but Stephen was good to run errands when I needed. Michael did get prescriptions filled for me once, I think... at any rate... I've been really sick to my stomach and dizzy all day... so I was glad to get in to see the doctor and glad to get something to help with the headache.

So I'm blogging under the influence a bit. Sorry for any typos.

The downside of leaving early today is that I won't be able to go in late on Thursday as I had planned. I was going to go by VBS at the church... but now I can't afford missing the time. Sometimes it sucks to be broke and beholden... but I knew today I needed to see a doctor. I'm glad I did and AS ALWAYS... I'm so grateful for health insurance!

That's it... the drugs are kickin' in... hope you have a great evening! love and hugs!


Lisa said...

That is awesome news about cutting out sugar and stuff from your diet! Sorry to hear about the headache but that's great the doctor checked it out. Have a great evening now that the medicine is working!! Hugs,
Lisa in Kentucky