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My People
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my tuesday

I had class today in Braselton - a town about an hour from where I live. The cool thing is that I get paid for mileage... and I got some continuing education credits toward my insurance license. Yeehaw! It was actually a good class. I usually hate these things but it was not boring at all and I learned a few things.

I was in class from 8:30 to 12:30 and then had to drive back to the office so the day went by quickly. I also got to drive thru Chickfila for lunch because there was one in Commerce on the way back to work. Woohoo!

I had breakfast (an egg mcmuffin) and lunch (a chickfila sandwich) in the car. I had fruit at the class (they also had krispy kreme donuts and I had one fourth of a donut!) and I had a side salad from chickfila for dinner (bought it with my lunch and saved it for dinner). It's been a weird food day.

Austin got up early, didn't do his chores and went to Tasha's house. He spent the day with her - even went to the orthodontist with her. Her mom doesn't work so he just hangs out with them, which is way better than him being home unsupervised all day. Yesterday he got into my sharpies. I found the remnants of a sharpie discarded in the driveway. Seriously. You don't mess with my sharpies!

I think Spencer Pratt is disgusting. The statements he makes are just unbelieveable.

I have laundry on my bed waiting for me to fold it. Ugh. Why does there have to be laundry?

Austin has a redecorating project that he was supposed to do on monday that hasn't happened yet. I'm pushing my sad little double bed up against the wall like my little daybed used to be so I have more space in my bedroom. There is no one living in the duplex next to us so it will be fine for now. I'm moving the two bookshelves in my room into Austin's room (aka "the spare bedroom") since he never sleeps on his bed. He always falls asleep on the couch.

I was emailing back and forth with my buddy Whitney in Jacksonville today. We were "talking" about how different my life is here from what it was in Jax. She said, "I wish I could have known who you really are when you lived here". It made me sad. Whitney was truly the best friend I had in Jacksonville... probably the only friend I had there... and her sweet, funny personality kept me going. We had some good times, good conversations... the sorority girl and the unhappy wife... it was such a crazy time of my life... but I treasure her. I'm glad I can still keep in touch with her. I still keep in touch with Amy from my uncle's office too - not as much because she got in trouble for emailing with me.

I have an earache tonight. *eyeroll* It is NOT stress because I am not the least bit stressed. I am incredibly chilled out and watching the new show "Wedding Day".

Hope you have a great evening... love and hugs!


Kelly Dawn said...

love you thinking about me your phone number...dont know if i ever gave you my new cell...i miss your random text messages... :(


Anonymous said...

My thankful Thursday involves a snake that is dead . . . I'm thankful it is dead and that my cats decided to bring it to the barn door and not the house door!