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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

some sad news

Redundant post ahead.
My head hurts.
The doctor called me in something different... imitrex... which made me really super ridiculously dizzy... I feel totally spun out...
This is just stupid.

In other news that's not totally self-absorbed...
My sweet friend Misti - the one who has baby Josiah who was so tiny? The great news is that Josiah has gained a pound over the last week. The really sad news is that Misti's mom died this morning. Misti's husband Jerry is on a mission trip to Thailand... Misti is in Louisiana... how much do I wish I was independently wealthy and mobile to be there with her?

Theresa was better today. She made it longer than me.

I've actually got several friends who are going through tough times... I spent my lunch hour just praying.

The thought occurred to me that sometimes our hearts are broken in a way that they can never completely mend. Our lives are forever changed. For me, it has meant being able to be tender hearted to others in a way that I never could before. It's a club I never meant to join... but since I did... I'm glad that God gave me that sensitivity. It's a honor to be able to take the needs of others before the throne of God. I have a seriousness and a serenity I never had before. Not sadness, really. Just a realization that people can hurt in a way that takes their breath away. That sometimes people need someone to remind them to breathe.

Sorry... it's the drugs.

My oldest son had a review at work today that went really well. I'm so proud of him!

I'm having lunch with Cody and Marquee on Saturday... can't wait to see them.

And Austin! I can't wait to have my Austin back home! I miss him so much!

Anyways... mainly I just wanted to blog about Misti's mom passing away... keep her in your prayers!

Early bedtime again for me tonight!
love and hugs!


Myra said...

My DIL takes Imitrex...she can't stand what it does to her, but it makes the migraine manageable. Your compassion, headache or no headache, is endless. Hope you feel better.

Peaceful Epiphany said...

You have a compassion and understand that is far greater than you will EVER know.