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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, June 13, 2009

my sweet romantic sons

My boys are all involved in sweet young romances. *sigh* I'm proud to say that they are all great boyfriends...

Ryan has the Amazing Marie down in Alabama. She's smart, she's talented, she's in college... she's willing to put up with a long distance relationship. Love her!

Cody has Marvelous Marquee... (ok, that sounds cheesy but I gave Marie an adjective so Marquee needed one too). Cody and Marquee are planning to get married next May. Today I went and visited with her parents for a few minutes. That's a bit uncomfortable for me. They're a little older. They're girl parents. Marquee is an only child. They've been married for a long time. I'm the slightly crazy divorcee boy mama.

We went to lunch at Cody's favorite place and then went to Men's Wearhouse to look at the tuxedos that Cody has picked out for the wedding. Cody and Marquee really want me to be involved in the wedding planning. I see it as sort of a "girl mama" thing. Marquee mentioned eloping in Vegas and I gave her a high five. Instead they're doing sort of a garden wedding in her grandparents' backyard. Creatively I don't know that I have anything constructive to contribute. I told them that I wasn't in the position to do the traditional rehearsal dinner. I wish I could. I would love to... but the reality is that I'm too broke for that sort of thing.

Marquee's mom is super creative and talented. She's making save the date cards and wedding favors and maybe the invitations. I suggested that they call Purple Michael for tips and suggestions. I did suggest Sarabeth and Jamie as flower girls and Caleb as a ring bearer. Or, Tommy the cat as ringbearer. The colors are sort of an aqua and canary yellow.

So there's lots of romance with Cody and Marquee.

Austin has spent two weeks away from home and I knew he would be anxious to get back to his little girlfriend, Tasha Marie. (So that would be Marie, Marquee and Tasha Marie... ) Tasha planned a big welcome home dinner for Austin. She even went and had her hair done... planned a special outfit... made ribs... and Austin, to his credit, had a little stuffed monkey to give her and even made a little chair out of reclaimed wood for the monkey to sit on. He made a little lamp for her that had the letters "I" "L" "U" scratched into it. He asked me to drop him off at her house on our way in. *eyeroll* It was just over the top sappy sweetness. I gave him a little later curfew (normally it's 8pm, I gave him until 10pm tonight. He's 15)

Austin had been a little homesick, it seemed. When we got off the interstate at the Gainesville exit he asked if we could roll down the windows so he could "smell the mountain air". So we did.

I'm not sure if I'm losing my three boys or gaining three daughters... but it's certain that we are at a completely different stage of life now.

At any rate... Austin's back - he hasn't made it all the way home yet but at least he's back in Cleveland.

My headache held off for most of the day, which is great since I had about four hours of driving to do. It hit me over the past hour and I've taken the first migraine meds since the imitrex makes me feel so sick. If my head still hurts on Monday, I'll call the doctor to see what we can do differently. I'm keeping track of my food and stuff so we can see if that has anything to do with it. I'm just sick of being hampered with this nonsense.

Time to settle in with the tv... hope you have a great evening. Love & hugs!