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My People
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Friday, June 19, 2009

weekend countdown part two!

Now it’s down to a little over three hours in my fabulous weekend countdown! La-la-la-la-loving life! I had lunch with Jim and Angie and the girls. The girls had sweaty feet from their soccer cleats so Angie asked if I had any spare flipflops in my car. Does a fly love honey? Of course! Actually… I was wearing a pair and had a pair in the trunk but I also had two other pair of shoes floating around in the car – one being my cute little sketchers flats that Sarabeth loves for me to wear. It’s always, “wear the closed toed brown ones”… my little fashionista! So although my flipflops were a bit too big for the girls, they were better than sweaty cleats. I looked a little funny walking into the restaurant carrying two pair of flipflops but… you’re gonna have that sometimes.

We had a nice lunch at Gusbens-I know, again! It’s quick, it’s nicer than fast food, has a great salad bar and I feel like we’re making a contribution to the Hames family who own it! And isn’t that the fun of living in a small town – knowing who owns the places where you shop? Sarabeth’s little friend’s daddy owns the small local grocery store. (not the Ingles) I had salad bar again. Three times in the past week. So much for variety.

I AM eating way more produce lately and I’m proud of that. My protein is mostly coming from beans and dairy, which is also good. Tonight I’m thinking black beans and brown rice with some fresh cilantro and onion and tomato. Doesn’t that sound yummy? Rome wasn’t built in a day but I’m definitely feeling like I’m nutritionally on a better track. The less junk you eat, the less junk you want. I’ll get some of the bugs worked out like… not eating the pasta from the salad bar and eating fat free dressings and such but for now, I’m glad to be getting healthier stuff in my system.

Three hours to go!

My to do list for this weekend includes: catch up on laundry, get my bedroom rearranged, church on Sunday and that’s about it! Groceries are bought already… no errands to run!... I might have a full blown pajama Saturday tomorrow! How fun would that be? It’s too hot to do much of anything outdoors unless it involves water. Austin has been dying for us to go tubing and if I’m ever gonna do it, it’s gonna be when it’s super hot outside because that river water never heats up! My problem with tubing is that I’m always afraid I’m going to catch some kind of infection from the river water… and that my butt will drag the bottom of the river because I’m too heavy. I don’t know… it would be good to get out and enjoy the sunshine… but I also think it might be more fun for Austin if we did it on a weekday instead of being caught in the weekend crowd. I’ll bet it will be crowded in Helen this weekend…

2:45 means 2 hours and 45 minutes to go!

Misti’s last facebook update indicated that Josiah has started losing weight again. He’s at 13 pounds – which is better than he was – but he is 6 months old so that is still really tiny. He’s spitting up a lot again which is a really bad sign. I know she has to be exhausted.

I think just about everyone who reads blogs has read Stellan’s mommy’s blog. Stellan is back in the hospital with the SVT (it’s like a crazy fast heartbeat). Last hospitalization was ridiculously long – like – two months – and she has three other small children. I’ve been the young mommy of a sick baby with other children to worry about and it’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy… your heart aches for the little one that hurts and your heart aches to be with your other babies and to give them a normal life and you can’t sleep in your own bed – even if you COULD sleep and it’s just super miserable. It’s such a huge unknown for them.

There are a couple of other people that my heart is really burdened for right now. Life just sometimes stinks and sometimes the troubles you face are overwhelming and steal your joy. I praise God that TODAY is not one of those sometimes for me. I had a phone call from someone special yesterday… you know the kind of people who – after you talk to them – you just FEEEEEL better? This someone special always leaves me with a smile. That’s good stuff. I want to be one of those someone specials that leaves people with joy and encouragement and a smile.

Two and a half more hours. I’m sorta dragging my feet because I need to finish up a homeowners application for a closing for next Friday. (yes, Mary, I deal with real estate closings too!) I’m waiting for the lender to send me the appraisal. I have everything spread out ready to go because our client said, “they’re sending it in just a few minutes” and I want to get everything wrapped up and get the declarations page ready to go and know that OUR part is done. Tick. Tick. Tick. Not here yet.

I had a client ask me for a “decorations page” yesterday. I also had someone ask what the deductible is on their comprehensible coverage. (that would be – declarations page and comprehensive coverage).

Alright… gonna post… you won’t hear from me again until the weekend has begun. Love and hugs, y’all!


JennBand08 said...

Woohoo.. made it to the weekend! I agree with you on the tubing, it's fun when I actually do it, but I have much trepidation about it as well.

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)