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My People
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Monday, June 29, 2009

what matters most

I have some major chest congestion/cough going on. Great timing.

Saw the oral surgeon this afternoon... he is taking six teeth, the wisdom teeth and two others. When I said, "should I be nervous? how bad is this going to be?" He said, "you shouldn't be nervous but it's not going to be easy. This should have been done when you were 15." So I said, "so when I'm miserable this weekend I should blame my parents?" And he said, "it may help if you have someone to blame other than me".

I don't really like my oral surgeon. He wouldn't give me my prescriptions in advance - so Angie will have to go get them after my surgery on Thursday. That hacks me off because I don't want Angie to have to do anything more than she's already doing. Not because she'll mind, because she won't. Not because she'll complain, because she won't. She'll be great about it... which is why I'm so glad it's her taking care of me. She won't make me feel the least bit guilty about being a huge imposition. That's what family is for, right? I am so blessed to have Jim and Angie to take care of me. Honestly, there are times that I feel like without them, I'd be completely alone in this world.

One of my friends from high school just caught her husband cheating ... she caught him because of some pictures his mistress posted on facebook. I'm telling you... it's an epidemic. This girl was (and still is) beautiful, blonde, thin, smart, popular... it doesn't matter. It's like there's this insatiable need that men have to conquer... my heart just breaks for her.

While I was in "civilization" today, I went ahead and bought Austin some new shoes. Any of you who have grown boy children will appreciate the financial impact of new shoes for a teenage boy. And Austin... God love him... is so hard on shoes... I nearly cried while paying for them. But it was easier to buy them without him. I just bought the exact same ones he had before, knowing that he likes things to stay the same. He is leaving for a mission trip on the 11th... and I'm operating under the assumption that I'm not going to feel like going shoe shopping with him between the 2nd and the 11th. Just an odd chance. I added a prayer that he will not need anything else between now and then... but I need to get the list of stuff they need and make sure he's good to go.

There is this sweet young girl in our church who is about the same age as Cody. She always sits with me in church. She is a huge hugger... she has to hug everyone... and she makes a big happy deal about being excited to see you. She's just precious. She's going on a mission trip to Nevada and doesn't have the money she needs for it yet... I told her yesterday that God would provide... and gave her just a few examples of how God has provided for me... today she got the money she needed. God does provide. It's amazing.

Just like Austin... I was really concerned about how he would be spending so much time unsupervised this summer. Then he met Tasha... and her mother doesn't work... and so the two of them have been hanging out at her house all summer. They treat him like one of the family. It's such a blessing to me to know that he's being supervised... and fed!... while I'm away from the house for 10+ hours a day.

I don't remember how much I blogged about my weekend... it was really just a restful weekend. I probably should have done some more things than I did and I'm feeling a slight bit of pressure now, thinking about what needs to get done while I'm well. I will say this... hands down, the best part of my weekend was picking up the girls from children's church and the nursery yesterday. From having the teachers announce, "Aunt Heather's here to get you" and hearing Sarabeth scream, "Aunt HEATHER!!!" and then run over to show me her new skirt and her papers... and then having Jamie have this big goofy grin spread all over her face and come running out for a hug...

No matter what else has gone wrong in my life... these two girls... they always make me feel like I am somebody special. And their opinion is the one that matters the most to me.

Have a great evening y'all!


Anonymous said...

Just so you'll know, I still have my widsom teeth, too . . . I'm asked every time I go to the dentist, "You still have those things in??" Yep . . . I know they would probably help my headaches if they weren't in there, but I've just not come up with a good enough excuse to get them out. We don't have dental insurance, so it's big bucks to get them out. Doug still has his, too. I suppose we're trying to get all the wisdom out of them while we can!

Kelly Dawn said...

yep still have mine too...just like mary.. :) they just came on in...

God will provide and he always does!


Kathy said...

Hi Heather,
Hope that you do well during your oral surgery. I have had that done and let me tell you it is no picnic. It looked like someone beat me up and I was sick for several days but I will say it is worth it because I was in so much pain before I had them removed.