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My People
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday -with general observations

Barbara Walters is really showing her age in her neck in that way that women do.

Who is glued to the tv for the Jon and Kate plus 8 big news tonight? Not me.

Who gave up on sleep at 3am this morning and alternated between "The Nanny" and the movie "Airport". Why, that couldn't POSSIBLY be me!

I didn't tell the cat to shut up at 6am this morning when he was "yelling" at me wanting canned food. I would never do that.

I didn't contemplate taking a "sick of it" day this morning. Nope. I got right up and went to work. Oy. I went but I wasn't happy about it at first. It wasn't a bad day.

Who is counting the days until Big Brother comes on? Not me!

Is it just me or has "Chaz" Bono gained about two hundred pounds since making the sex change announcement?

Who has been sitting here for an hour trying to decide whether to go with a salad or a lean cuisine for dinner? Not me.

Who would almost rather go without dinner than have to exercise? Not me. Ok. Maybe just a little bit me.

Who thinks Perez Hilton is ridiculous and is glad he got his bell rung? Not me!

Who is addicted to facebook, twitter, blogger and freecell? Couldn't be me! No way!

Who can't go more than an hour at a time without checking the Drudge Report? Nobody I know!

I'm having some jaw issues today. I can't close my mouth. Seriously. I'd be flipping out about it if I wasn't scheduled for the whole wisdom tooth extraction in nine short days. I called the oral surgeon today. I'm going in for another consultation next Monday to make sure there's nothing more/less/different that needs to be done. I'm going to also ask for my pain pill prescriptions then so I can fill in advance and not have to visit the pharmacy post surgery and/or have to ask someone to go for me. My parents will be in NYC when I have my surgery and Cody will have to stay at my parents' house to keep their dogs... Angie is planning to stay the first night with me. Everyone is telling me it will be no big deal. I say that it's all relative... no big deal if it's your mouth, very big deal if it's mine! Ha!

Linda! Your mail came today! Thank you!

Austin's home... time for me to interact with my child. Have a great evening! Love and hugs, y'all!


Anonymous said...

When does Big Brother start? I can't wait!!!

sober white women said...

I hate to exercise. I do however try to get some in. ICK

I still have my wisdom teeth and they need to come out, but I have no ins, so they are staying put. LOL


moshell's lilbit of space said...

The wisdom tooth...the first night is the worse....then it is a piece of cake from there.....promise.