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My People
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ding dong, get a king kong

Ding dong get a king kong! Ok. That’s one of those lame inside jokes in my office. Whenever we sell a commissionable product we “ring the bell” – meaning, that we send a mass email to boast of our conquest saying, “ring the bell” or “ding dong” or whatever lame term we give it. Theresa confessed to having a weekend pig out on king kong cones (they’re like drumsticks, I think). She had 24 over the course of the weekend. Twenty four! What I love about her confession is that it’s totally something I would do… like eating a whole sour cream poundcake in a week… or eating a whole pie over the course of two days… MOST of you can relate to that sort of out of control eating. I told Duane (via facebook) that instead of ringing the email bell, that the ice cream man should ring his bell when we sell something. It is summer, after all, and apparently, some of us really enjoy ice cream. Today I did a car loan and Theresa did a life policy… so… ding dong get a king kong. That probably doesn’t read as funny as it is in my head, but I tried.

I watched the reunion episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey last night. I wanted to like those women. I mean, I like Kate Gosselin, so I’m apparently really easy. I just can’t. They’re mean. They’re self-absorbed. They’re trash.

I’m in some major pain today with the whole jaw/tooth/ear picture. I work until 4pm so I’m toughing it out – or as Theresa says, “woman up”. She had injections in her head and came back to work afterwards. I was stupid/greedy/gluttonous/lazy – whatever negative adjective you want to assign to it – and went and ate Mexican on lunch. Bad for the retaining water. Bad for my stomach which has been sort of iffy today. Bad for the jaw with the chips. I’m feeling it now. I feel totally ick.

I will go feed Princess the Amazing Feral Feline after work. I usually go on lunch to feed the cat but today I really wanted to just go have some quiet time. Instead… there was this incredibly LOUD woman on a cellphone at the table beside me who was practically yelling what should have been a private workplace conversation. She was a home health worker and she was discussing personnel issues and patient issues with what seemed to be her supervisor… while enjoying a margarita. Her next stop was a patient’s house. I know this because she named the patient and what she needed to do. Personally, I would prefer not to have my health care provider under the influence while they’re tending to me… but maybe I’m picky.

At any rate… there’s a produce stand on the way home from Jim and Angie’s and I’d like to stop there after work. I’m thinking I need a veggie dinner after my lunchtime pigout. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. The food wasn’t good. It was too expensive. It didn’t make me feel good – as a matter of fact, it hurt at the time and hurts now after eating it. I got to watch thirty minutes of Fox news but I could check the website here if I needed to… besides, what am I missing? IranhealthcaremissingSouthCarolinagovernorrecessioneconomymurderedfootballcoach… I can catch it all later. My knowing won’t change it, will it? Princess is such a sad little outside cat. Angie’s had her forever. She’s mean and surly. You can’t touch her. Jamie announces to all visitors, “don’t touch the cat – she’s mean”. She’s always glad to see me but her interest wanes as soon as the food and water are in her bowl. I think I’ll leave her extra water today. It’s really hot out.

Stubby the 3legged Toilet Drinking Wondercat has become quite the pig. I gave him a little canned food while Austin was gone as a means of comfort. Now he’s expecting the canned food twice a day PLUS gobbling up dry food. I’m putting Stubby on a diet. Let him suffer along with me. Not that I’m suffering, apparently. Mexican food for lunch. What was I thinking?

Austin and I got a good bit done at the house yesterday afternoon. We rearranged my bedroom to take out the bookshelves. I moved those into Austin’s mostly unused bedroom. He always sleeps on the couch. His room holds the litter box and his clothes and those things that are specific to Austin. I moved my bed to the side of the room so I have a larger area – more of a den of sorts – for my little nest – since I have the big pink recliner to chill in. I still need a dresser… but it’s home. I love my little home, especially my nest.

Today Austin and Tasha were going to walk up to the square in Cleveland to get him a haircut and maybe get a latte at the Java Sun – the combination coffee shop and tanning salon. We’re not far from the square since we live “in town” such as it is.

Gosh. I’m really feeling icky. 4pm can’t get here fast enough. I’ve been really busy today – doing lots of new homeowners policies- which is great for the local economy and great for our policy counts but does absolutely NOTHING for my paycheck. Homes are selling, though, they have to be if I’m doing so many homeowners policies. Shirley’s had a bunch this week too.

Ok. Back to work now. Love and hugs y’all.


Missie said...

I must agree, the Housewives of New Jersey were the most stuck up bunch yet out of all those shows I have watched.

Have a good night.