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Saturday, June 27, 2009

my lazy Saturday

Cap and trade = crap and trade. I don't want to talk political but it's just insane. Make it more difficult for manufacturing in America and/or charge additional tariffs to goods manufactured outside of Amercia, either way, it's a blow to the working poor. Like me. Thank you, America, for voting for change... because by the time Obama's one term is over, all I'll have left is change.

It's been another pj Saturday for me and I am LOVIN' it! I made my normal runs to the farm stand for produce, the grocery store for a few staples and the amish bakery for some fresh bread - the bakery also sells Boars Head deli meat, which they DON'T sell at the local grocery store.

Austin, my child who has no boundaries, has gotten ahold of the fly spray and I think he's going to poison us all. If I had a dollar for the number times in the past fifteen years I've uttered the words, "Austin - that's enough" or "Austin, stop..." then I could retire now.

I bought a blender today... a super cheap one... not the cheapest model that walmart sells, but the next to the cheapest. I figured that once the teeth come out on Thursday and I'm on mush for a few days, having a blender so I can make smoothies would help enormously. Purple Michael's boyfriend Ross is a nutritionist (or in the process of becoming... I forget what the educational status is at this moment... suffice to say, he knows a little sumptin') ... Anyways... Ross gave me a recipe for a carrot cake smoothie... made out of frozen carrots and pineapple with the same spices as carrot cake. Carrot cake is my FAVORITE... so I'm excited to try that. I bought frozen mango, strawberries, blueberries... a big tub of fat free yogurt... skim milk... I debated on protein powder but it was super expensive and I think that I'll get enough protein from the milk and yogurt. And anyways... it should just be a few days.

I had a complete carb fest yesterday... I'll expound on that on my weight loss blog... but I did lose my one pound for this week, reversing the pound I gained last week. It's just a lifelong journey. I did much better today. Ok... well, I had salad for both lunch and dinner today. I had a smoothie for a snack, testing out the new blender... but I did have some fresh baked pecan rolls from the amish bakery AND... a piece of a savory scone from the bakery. They had two scones for 49cents! That's what austin and I had for breakfast... a scone a piece! I thought that was a great bargain.

They had a big firework tent set up at the walmart today. It made me sorta sad. There will be a lot of things coming up in the next few months that remind me of Michael. Last year he spent $600 on fireworks and it caused a huge fight between us (because we couldn't "afford" for me to go to Vegas with him on our anniversary) and we had a huge 4th of July party at his brother's house... a party that he invited his mistress and her family to. Their first kiss (according to the letter his boss confiscated) was on July 7th. Our wedding anniversary was July 15th. I am not depressed. I'm not bitter. I just remember things sometimes and some of those memories are painful. Forgiveness doesn't take away the hurt of the deception and disappointment. There are certain things that for me, will always be associated with Michael. The 4th of July and fireworks... for instance...

Michael Jackson's death has also stirred up some memories for me. When I first started dating Michael, my iPod crashed on me. Michael took it to the apple store and got it fixed... and then loaded a bunch of his music on it.... which included a lot of Michael Jackson stuff. Other stuff too but I remember laughing with my kids about the Michael Jackson stuff... I mean... my iPod was full of showtunes and workout music.

Incidentally - Barry was a Michael Jackson fan too. I wouldn't call myself a fan. I feel like where there's smoke there's fire. I think it's entirely likely that at least some of the allegations against him were true. Yet... he seemed to live such an empty and tragic life. The news reports of the drugs he was on... it makes me sad.

I'm watching Walk The Line for about the tenth time. I really love this movie. Reese Witherspoon is adorable... that's my exciting Saturday.

Have a great evening! Love and hugs y'all!


Heavenlybama said...

The death of MJ came to a surprise to many. Personally, I was
surprised he lived that long. With all the health problems he had, reaching the age of 50 was no easy feat. There's no denying that MJ was a world class singer, dancer and an even better overall showman. He truly was the king of pop but all the bad things that happened in his life were mostly himself. All the health issues from many, many unnecessary surgeries and playing with fire when it came to children, Jackson was a mess and quite frankly, he was sick in the head. I don't believe for one minute he was innocent of molesting children. As a sex molestation victim myself when I was 5 yrs. old, I had no respect for him as a man.

He had so many loyal fans and I feel bad for them. Not for him. For them. He led a life that he wanted to live. If he was smart and surrounded himself by people who wanted nothing but good things for him, he'd be one of the world's richest people. How a person like him can be in so deep trouble financially when he had some of the world's best selling albums, 50% stake in the Beatles discography and all those royalties is beyond me. Do I feel bad for him? No, I don't. And I'm being brutally honest here. He was a ticking time bomb and his demise was coming. Unfortunately, he will be worth more money dead just like Elvis.

As a big fan of music, though not of him (I liked a couple of his songs), I would have loved to see him perform one more time to prove to himself he could make a comeback. His comeback was taken away from him but he didn't really help matters either.

When Britney Spears became a hot mess a couple of years ago, alot of people compared her to MJ. She had to clean up her act and stop doing what she was doing because she was tempting fate. And you look at Britney Spears now - whether you like her or not - and you see her perform in shows (yeah, she lip synchs I know) and seeing her back in shape and you can't think of anything but somewhat of a success story there. She did what MJ and others who were a mess like him couldn't do. And I'm not a big Spears fan
but as a person, you can't ignore the fact the obstacles that she had to overcome to be where she is today. Hopefully, she'll continue to stay on this path as young as she is.

Unfortunately it didn't end that way for MJ. I feel for his family especially his 3 beautiful young kids because of their loss because I know how it feels.

Lisa said...

I really enjoyed your entry and wow you are doing very good on making healthy food choices. I'm getting motivated just reading it. I think I lost a lot of weight today staining the deck because of standing the whole time and walking all the way around it a bunch a times and all the sweating in the hot sun. I hope the dentist appointment goes well. God Bless you,
Lisa in Kentucky said...

Good luck with your surgery. The smoothies are the way to go. They are so good in the hot summer months. I like Jacksons music, but hated that other crap. I think he had many demons and mental issues. Who knows what the truth was or is.
My heart goes out to his kids and family.

Megan said...

Good luck in your weight loss journey. My husband and I love smoothies, especially him. lol

MJ's death was definitely a shocker. I wasn't really a "fan" either, but I did enjoy some of his music. Sad what his life turned out to be and sad that he died at such a young age.

Visiting for the first time. Thanks for following me. =)

PinkAngel said...

I am a huge Michael Jackson fan and I do not believe for one second that he hurt any kids. In fact the kid that made the allegations came out and retracted what he said blaming his parents for wanting the money...
I too am a molestaion victim but I would never have been afraid for any of my kids to be alone with MJ. He was not messed up in the head he was also a child of abuse..poor guy grew up with nothing but abuse and name calling...
May he rest in Peace now it's what he deserves