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My People
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Friday, June 26, 2009

weekend countdown, abbreviated version

It’s the weekend countdown edition of my blog! I know you guys absolutely love these entries since I typically get between zero and one comment every time I do one. Ha! But they entertain me and that’s what it’s all about, right? Nobody thinks I’m as funny as I do.

Eight hours and fifteen minutes until the weekend.

I am having ridiculous jaw/tooth/ear pain today. For the past couple of weeks it’s been more like a 2-3. Today is an eight. I don’t care what my quack oral surgeon says… I am not stressed. I’m completely chill. I’ve thought about calling to see if they’ll call me in something for pain but I have an appointment on Monday. I can ibuprofen it out until then, I think.

My parents are headed to NYC today for a ten day vacation. Since I hardly ever see them, it won’t be any different for me but it means the Codester is on his own down in Clayton county taking care of the animals at the grandparents’ house. They have good neighbors and Cody’s supremely independent so I’m sure he’ll be fine. I wish he could be with me when I have the wisdom teeth surgery because he’s always been my most compassionate child. (sorry Ryan… you have other gifts!) But I think Angie will make a great nurse. I’m hoping to just stay zonked out for a couple of days. My stepson tells me they give good drugs…

This morning I stopped off at the waffle house for scrambled eggs and grits and I thought… “hmmm… I could live on scrambled eggs and grits…” and then I thought… “hmmm… I hope I don’t have to live on scrambled eggs and grits”. They are cheap, though. Me and chewing aren’t besties right now.

My little friend Stasha who is Sarabeth and Jamie’s sometime babysitter is having some wisdom teeth issues right now and isn’t insured so she’s having to hold off on doing anything. Austin’s girlfriend Tasha is supposed to have hers out at the end of July if the insurance approves it…. So I’m not alone in this… but I’m twice the age of everyone I know who is dealing with it.

The good news about the surgery is that since it’s been rescheduled to Thursday, I will really only miss one day of work as Friday is a paid holiday and then *hopefully* I’ll be recovered enough to go in to work on Monday. I have a hospital income policy that will replace one day’s income… plus the car loan bonus to help defray the out of pocket cost for the surgery (which, thankfully, is not nearly what it COULD be without insurance!). It’s a delicate balance but God provides.

I talked to Angie last night. They are having sort of a rough vacation. Jamie is sick with this upper respiratory crud that landed them in urgent care on the first day of the trip… she needed breathing treatments and was close to pneumonia… they put her on a steroid and any parent that’s every had a kid on steroids knows how it changes even the most precious, calm child into a crazed person. Crazed, sick child in the close quarters of a pop up camper… use your imagination! But as I reminded her… a bad day at the beach is better than a good day at home. Well, in theory, anyways.

Time for a major life insurance sales push… gotta get focused… hope you all have a fabulous Friday! Love and hugs!


Ryan said...

Hello. I just wanted to show you some comment love, because I know I enjoy reading your comments on mine, although my posts have become increasingly infrequent.
Sorry to hear about the jaw pain. You know how well I understand that. I can remember a time when breathing was so painful it wasn't reflexive but instead a conscious decision I had to make and "prepare" myself for the pain that came with it (in much the same way that someone would prepare for a car accident). Hopefully they'll get'cha all straightened out and in a few months the pain you're feeling now will be a distant memory.

Cody's the compassionate one? Lol. Cody's sweet, no doubt, but he can on rare occasions be a little self-centered. (I mean that with love) So, that begs the question, what are my gifts? Dan jokes about being "awesome" and "humble" and "awesomely humble". Lol.

Gotta get back to work.

Love ya!

Heather said...

Cody's not so much self-centered as he is greedy. He's my super-sizer. He just always knew how to handle me when I was not my best. Austin is mildly empathetic but it doesn't come natural. He has learned that people expect other people to respond in certain ways. Your gifts... hmmm... the whole McGyver thing, being able to "rig" anything. You are the most articulate. You're the deep thinker of the bunch. You appreciate the idea of family, although, like me, you sometimes dislike the reality of it. I think you're more self-deprecating than humble. How's that for a character analysis? Now read my next post on stereotypes. Yikes.

I think the pain is more like a nagging thing that exists in the background for the most part and then every now and then demands attention.

Love you, Boo!

Kelly Dawn said...

ahhhhhh awwwwww Ryan should comment on momma's blog more often :)