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My People
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas miracles

I haven't left the nest since I got home Wednesday evening. I'm nauseous, dizzy, weak and in pain. Every time I decide that I'm going to mentally power through it and get up to do something, I get hit with a wave of pain that sets me over the edge. So I've been sitting as still as possible with the pepto bismol colored recliner laid back as far as it will go... with my trusty alarm cat at my feet.

There is this odd thing happening with Stubby... every morning at exactly 5:58 he starts trying to wake me up. My alarm goes off at 6:00am. He is exactly two minutes ahead of the alarm every day. And when I say... tries to wake me up... I mean... he takes his little clawless front paws and starts touching my closed eyelids to make them open. It's so bizarre!

Christmas miracles abound... I got a precious photo card of my brother David's four children in the mail yesterday. They are so sweet! I just want to smooch them to pieces!

My "Secret Santa" sent me a Walmart gift card for $200... I was so excited! I told Austin that I would use that to buy things he needs/wants for Christmas. He needs shoes... a decent jacket... sleep pants... he wants a new wii game, new wii controller... he got on the walmart website last night and picked out a few things for him and picked out a new digital camera for me. Half of the amount I was going to use for him... he was going to give back to me. So it was a double blessing for me... for one that there is someone in my life who cares enough about me to give me such a generous gift - anonymously, at that... and two, that my son was willing to give up half of his Christmas for me.

It totally made me cry.

Austin only had school half a day today and caught a ride home with cousin Devin. I'm going to attempt to go out and get a tree with him... minimal walking... in and out as quickly as possible... just a little fake prelit tree, that's what I'm looking for...

Then Stasha is getting off work early to go to the doctor with me... so relieved to have someone who can go with me, especially doing this all last minute! Hopefully they will figure out what's causing me to be so uncomfortable and hopefully it will be something super easy to fix and not painful.

I'll update when I can... hope you guys have a great Friday!

Love and hugs!
God bless!
Thanks Secret Santa!


Kelly Dawn said...

omgoodness - I am just now caught up sorta - i have been mia son long that i dont even know what you did for thanksgiving and I did not go back that

love ya woman...
thinking about ya...


Anonymous said...

Awww . . . how terribly nice of your Secret Santa and how terribly sweet of Austin . . . hope your procedure goes well today. So glad Shasta is going with you!

Sherry said...

Have the dr's thought of a ulcer??? sounds like what i have , i thought it was stones and it turned out to be a ulcer..... hope you feel better, Sherry

LYN said...