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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Only a few minutes before time to start work.
I realized I haven't posted since Saturday and I know how y'all worry.
I'm doing great.
Great (period) not great (exclamation point).
But still, great is great.
Yesterday was the Mother of all Mondays... we're always crazy busy after a long weekend but we also (predictably) had one person out sick all day, one person gone half the day and another person dealing with computer problems half the day.
It was stressful.
I went home and played with my three legged cat and stared at the television and the computer for five hours and then went to bed.
I slept well.
I think I have a bladder infection - I'm uncomfortable. But I've got to see whether or not we're staffed well enough for me to leave for a doctor visit. Yesterday we weren't.
I have a stack of stuff on my desk that I didn't get to yesterday.
Two paper apps to write, which are a pain. Most everything we do is computerized. Not everything. Some things we do the old fashioned way, with a calculator and a carbon app.
I'm not sure when I'm going to put up a tree.
Honestly, it seems like more trouble than it's worth since Austin is hardly ever home and the other two boys won't be around much to enjoy it. And there won't be a lot under it. And I don't have a truck to bring a live one home. I think it may be time for an artificial tree. A small one. On a little table.
I think I'm at that stage of life now.
Well, time to clock in and start the day. We're missing three people so far.
Pray for me!
Good times!


Anonymous said...

The thought of pulling all our Christmas stuff out of the attic almost deterred me from fooling with it at all. I'm glad I fooled with it ~ there's just something so calming to having the tree up and glowing (we opted for a fake pre-lit tree last year when I came to the conclusion that I was probably allergic to the real ones we've always had). The crockpot candy I made last night was good, too, and helps make it "feel" more like Christmas! Get yourself a tree ~ even if it is a small one. You'll enjoy it!

Missie said...

Feel better.

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Don't know if you bought one yet or not...but Wal-mar has a 4" prelit tree for $18.00

just throwing that out there....