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My People
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

cough it up!

Audience participation time!

Since I have about a hundred of you daily lurkers out there… I’m interested in some feedback.

Blogging was KEY in my initial weight loss success because of the support it brought… and the information I gained.

I’m mulling over some healthy habits that I want to incorporate into my lifestyle. I’ve been compiling a list of healthy foods that I love… some easy things to do to increase F&V (fruit and veggie) intake (such as adding chopped kale to a low cal, low salt canned soup)… and I am EXCITED about grocery shopping for non-guilt food!

What are your favorite no-guilt foods? I’m not a great cook but I can stir fry and I can throw stuff in the crockpot… and I can chop veggies. There are some easy swaps I can make – a boiled egg and yogurt instead of a sausage biscuit in the morning, for instance – and I have no doubt that it is cheaper to buy food in advance than to do fast food.

Most of my long time readers are long time dieters as well and I know you have a wealth of knowledge you can share… cough it up, y’all!

Has anyone heard of the drive-thru diet? It’s a real thing. Taco Bell has commercials about it. It's based on the same premise as the Subway diet. I think any diet that relies on eating the same small group of foods is destined to fail. Jared is fat now.

My plan is to share this journey with you as I shared before… maybe without the actual NUMBERS, at least at first… the numbers really seem to overwhelm me and discourage me… I’m an ostrich like that. Also… there are a lot of “real life” readers now where five years ago I was almost completely anonymous.

I want to have a definite difference in how things fit and how I feel and I will absolutely share those details. Maybe share where the numbers go down, including measurements… and when we have some real progress to share, I’ll give you the ugly truth.

In the meantime… don’t be shy… share your healthy habits and tips!


sober white women said...

When hubby had his heart attack I had to change so much. We hardly ever eat out, to much fat and salt. I even have to pack hubby a lunch everyday.
One thing I do to keep my weight down is move. I just walk or swim or do something. I put on weight over the winter, but the pounds fly off at the start of summer.

Anonymous said...

My favorite 'diet' meal is either grilled or baked (prefer grilled but in the winter sometimes baked is easier) chicken breast, slice it over romaine lettuce hearts (chopped up), some fried ramen noodles - crunchies and then light ranch dressing. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. :-) I typically grill six breasts at a time and just have them in the fridge as needed.

Anonymous said...

Yuck ~ I don't like that four-letter word that starts with a "d" but I do like to eat healthy. Just choosing healthy options and staying away from fast food ~ that and trying to get in some walking every now and then. And water! Lots and lots of water! I don't really like canned soups, but I make homemade all the time ~ although I really doubt my cheesy loaded-potato soup would ever be considered healthy ~ I do know that if I use low sodium chicken broth and 2% or low-fat cheese that is a healthier option. Fast-food is a killer ~ and I just told the kids today that we are cutting out the drive-thru visits after school. It is so much easier to go through the drive-thru before dance or before art because the alternative requires more preparation and packing for me! But luckily my kids will eat pretty healthy if I put it in front of them. Sometimes. Our Walmart carries the pre-packaged carrots/low-fat ranch dressing snacks that are easy for me to pick up for $1 each, but it is soooo much cheaper to get a bag of carrots and a bottle of low-fat ranch dressing. We all like those (well, except for Doug ;). I keep whole apples on hand ALL THE TIME and my kids will gobble them up as long as I slice them. I know, I know, they could eat them whole, but we went through a period there where Natalie had braces and Nathan had loose teeth and neither could bite into an apple. So I slice ~ and I don't mind, because they eat apple slices good, especially dipped in peanut butter (Doug does like that :) I always have bananas on hand and Natalie LOVES strawberries. I really wanted Santa to bring the kids a smoothie maker for Christmas, but she could never decide on one. My kids love smoothies so I do see me investing in one of those in the near future ~ and you know how much you like those. Nathan could live on pretzels ~ I'm not sure how healthy those are, but I know they have to be better for him than chips! I LOVE to snack on salsa and white corn chips. I could easily make the salsa myself, although the public brand I bought today is pretty dern good. :)

Anonymous said...

Baby spinach & tuna with a little bit of mayo on 100 cal(2 pieces)flat bread...if you don't follow it up by also eating oatmeal, cottage cheese & peanut butter. My bad.

Remo said...

I stopped adding salt to my food. I have some - I just don't use it because there's enough in everything else. A friend of mine eliminated pop from his diet and lost 25 lbs (over three months)without doing ANYTHING else. Switch to olive oil - lose the butter. I like the water idea. If you bring leftovers for lunch, you'll save serious $$ each week BECAUSE THE FOOD HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR and you'll eat less, unless you're making double portions to start with.
Last, I;m far from a vegan but my snack foods consist of produce and fruits. A bag of carrots and some apples will fill you. Don't waste money on pre-peeled and washed carrots.
Then drag your new skinny and healthy butt to Las Vegas and enjoy the buffets.

stasha said...

I'm so excited for you Aunt Heather! you should really give the Wii Fit a try it's pretty awesome! I'm looking at losing alittle weight and being more heathy this next year! Maybe we can venture at this together? Love you!

GReality said...

Prepacking and fixing my breakfast and lunch the day before is a huge help for me. Also think I'll leave several containers of yogurt and cottage cheese at work for when I get hungry.

Good luck to you !!
2010 is the year to shine

Estela said...

I like the high fiber Quaker oatmeal for breakfast. I totally believe that 25+ grams of fiber a day helps tons, and the oatmeal starts the day off with 10 grams. Also, Paul and I have changed to using low carb tortillas (10 grams of fiber) for sandwich wraps.

Janis said...

I do a lot of stir fry type dishes and have found that there are a lot of really good spices/sauces that require very little to make a lot of flavor--I have also learned that that spicer it is the slower I eat and the more water I drink so I end up eating a lot less as I feel more full. Throw in a lot of veggies - have learned it doesn't matter too much what kind as they all seem to go well with the stir fry.

Let's get back on the band wagon - need to get there myself! :)
God Bless

moshell's lilbit of space said...

I have an idea, but I am going to email you privately....

Anonymous said...


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