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My People
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

thankful Thursday

We had snow last night! It actually accumulated a little bit and was sooo pretty on my drive to work!
Well, about halfway to work. It was raining pretty hard and obviously the temperature had risen so by the time I was halfway to work there were only little patches of snow.
I took pictures at home before I left this morning.
I got a bit of nesting syndrome this morning and I think if I hadn’t had to go to work that I might actually have gotten my house clean.
I sooooo did not want to go to work this morning! Especially with the snow on the ground. White stuff outside = stay inside in my psyche.
I remembered to bring my new calendar in this morning… pictures of Jamie and Sarabeth! They’re so sweet! And… it will definitely inspire me in my weight loss efforts… those “before” pictures … that are my “now” pictures… are… sad.
I’m ready for a serious weight loss effort… lifestyle change… re-empowerment (if that’s a word… and, well, even if it isn’t!)
Austin’s two packages arrived yesterday. He ordered a Wii game with the Amazon gift card that Bryan and Candice gave him … and some kind of Wii attachment or enhancement or whatever with the Walmart gift card that Jim and Angie gave him… so… thanks, again, y’all! He’ll be home on Saturday and I know he’ll be logging some serious Wii hours.
The cold rain we have this morning is ushering in a week of cool temperatures ahead. Maybe not to some of you… but cold for us. We’ll be having lows in the teens and twenties and highs in the low 40’s.
I really need a new coat. The one I bought when I lost weight doesn’t fit. Go figure. The only thing is… I am so hesitant to buy any fat clothes because I don’t want to be comfortable at this size. I’ve picked up a few things here and there but my wardrobe is really sad right now.
I thought about starting my weekend countdown but then I’d have to think about all those long hours left ahead of me today and I don’t want to think about it. At all. I want to blink today away. But I know… it will drag. It will be a good day to get some marketing going to start the money train up for next year. I’ve got to make more in commissions than what I’ve been making. I’m weary of the constant struggle to keep the lights on and the car paid and the rent up and Austin fed. Of course, there are only a few more car payments… and I increased my health insurance deductible so I’ll make more on my paycheck… but I’m going to have to shoulder some medical costs. My PLAN is to greatly reduce the need for medical care in the next year, be more herbal, more organic, less pharmaceutically dependant. I think it’s going to take some adjustment but I know I can do it.
I’d like to find a good detox program to wean off of sugar and flour and caffeine and so forth…
When the clock strikes midnight… I want to instantly be transformed into a girl with healthy habits.
Except when me and Angie go to Outback on New Year’s Day.
I think I should make a hardcore produce run today. Stock the house. Be prepared with the good stuff so there’s no need for the bad stuff. I avoided the bakery yesterday after work, although my initial plan was to go there and pick up some munchies for the long weekend… cheese straws, maybe a pound cake or a pie, some whoopie pies, maybe a homemade chicken pot pie… and then I decided that both from a financial and caloric standpoint that NO GOOD could come of such a purchase. And so I didn’t. I did go to the Cottage House for dinner… picked up bbq chicken, squash casserole, fried okra and cornbread. The chicken was amazing! I can’t believe I hadn’t bought that before… much better than their fried chicken. And then… the squash and the okra were so salty that I just couldn’t. I left the plate out in the kitchen to go back to later and… I just didn’t.
One thing is for certain- if I can get back into the veggie/fruit habit I’ll save a ton of money on meals. Our fridge is always on empty so I’m always scurrying around for easy/cheap when we’re hungry. Just taking my lunch to work every day would save me $100 a month! Even factoring in the cost of ingredients… that’s a great addition to my budget.
One of my favorite songs is on the radio… I’ve blogged this several times… “so often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key”…
Definitely need to do some list making and menu planning…
Ok… the clock has started at work… time to get focused and get stuff done… this might just be my last post of 2009! Hope you have a happy, healthy New Year!
God bless!


Anonymous said...

I definitely don't have the key to this.