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My People
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

whiny Wednesday one day early as usual

I’m getting sick and I’m not happy about it. Another upper respiratory thing – sneezy, congested, coughing... It makes me mad. I have gone from one ailment to another for so long. It’s all minor but irritating. Makes it harder to do everything – work, sleep, keep house (or not keep house, as the case would be). Even a stinking load of laundry becomes a big obstacle when you don’t feel good. And don’t get me started about the trash. Austin couldn’t take it out before he left because the dumpsters were overflowing with Christmas trash. It’s not that FAR to the dumpster but I’m not tall/strong enough to swing a full trash bag into it. I always end up with a mess.

The happy thing is that the urologist started me on an anti-biotic yesterday so anything brewing or growing should be knocked out. The unhappy thing is that I’m on antibiotics again. I ordered refills of all the refillable meds I have so I can get them filled before the new year and new deductible start. The meds I picked up last night were $100 before insurance… $6 after insurance. I’m going to miss that. There are six more that I’m refilling today… most of them are just in case medicines like inhalers and stuff.

2008 was the year of getting stuff fixed from not having insurance for several years.
2009 was the year of discovering / diagnosing things.
2010 will be the year of conquering and managing and improving via healthy living instead of pharmaceuticals.

My sweet niece Jamie was born five years ago today! It was five years ago that I launched my original blog and my original (successful) weight loss. There’s no reason that I can’t do it again… I know sooo much more now! Even though I’m over 40 now – or maybe BECAUSE I’m over 40. My motivation is different now… then it was more about looking good than feeling good. Now it’s really that I want to be able to enjoy life and be better at more things than Farmville. Nothing beats the feeling of just heading out to walk in the woods and enjoying the world God made. There are a lot of pretty places to wander nearby and I want to take advantage of living here.

Jamie’s birthday party will be on Saturday and it’s going to be bone chilling cold… not sure if we’ll be outdoors or indoors. This will be a ladybug party, I think.

We’re one person short again today but it’s not been nearly as hectic as yesterday, which is good because I’m not firing on all cylinders today. I was working on quoting a farm policy which is a pain in the rear… you have to know so many specifics… down to how many cows and horses and hay bales and so on. The client is a super sweet old farmer man and I don’t mind working with him at all. But… it definitely takes more brain power than I have available today.

Gonna spend some time in careful thought and consideration about how I want my blog to evolve over the new year and what lifestyle adjustments I want to make to get things going. I wish it was just as simple as gastric bypass but it’s not covered under my insurance… and of course, I can’t afford the time away from work or risk complications. I’m gonna have to do this the old fashioned way… so I want to do it in a way that will be fun and keep my interest and keep me on track. The good news is that my appetite is pretty much non-existent lately. I heated my dinner last night and forgot about it… I ended up eating cheese and crackers at 10pm. Of course, that’s the big part of the problem – improvisation. I have to work at preparation… knowing what I’m going to eat and having healthy stuff on hand that’s as easy to grab as a microwave chicken pot pie (which was last night’s missed dinner).

Gosh, I’m sleepy. Is it too early for the weekend countdown? Fifty five hours and 22 minutes until my 3-day weekend! I'm having lunch with Stasha and maybe even Angie and Jim and the girls. Jamie wanted to go to Waffle House for her birthday dinner. She is SOOOOO my niece!

Have a good Tuesday... love and hugs!


moshell's lilbit of space said...

I went yesterday to the Dr. (which takes ALOT for me-no insurance) and I have an upper respiratory infection and was given antibiotics. I slept from 6pm until 7am this morning. I feel like I was run over, can breathe, hurting everywhere....and dumb me is at work (secretly wishing for everyone else to get it lol)

Heres to the new year, better health, and prosperity.


Anonymous said...

I'll join ya in your whiny Wednesday. I've had a whiny 3 weeks. Came down with a upper respiratory infection and kidney infection. Doc gave me Bactrim that should have taken care of both. It only took care of the kidney infection. I started having earaches & still had the respiratory infection so 3 days after I finished Bactrim, I went back to the Doc Monday. Now I have an inner ear infection with dizziness which I've had all along but thought is was from the kidney infection. I've had chills on and off. Now I'm on another antibiotic Augmentin,& cough syrup and pills for the dizziness. I can't even drive. This sucks. I know you've been sick all year. I hope 2010 is much better for ya.