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My People
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

rainy Sunday

I don't want to move.
It's so cold outside! And wet... just about as cold as it can be and the stuff falling from the sky still be liquid, not frozen.
I'm glad that I had a definite reading on the CT scan Friday, otherwise I'd be certain I have a kidney stone because the pain in my back is ungodly. Sort of a burning pain, if that makes sense.
I have pain meds but they make me feel worse...
So I'm chilled in my nest.
Lately Stubby has wanted to sleep on a pile of pillows. He's either getting spoiled or lazy.
He has his own nest.
He tries to sleep on the footrest of my recliner but he's gotten too fat... he has fallen off a few times... so he prefers the bed.
Something interesting came in the mail yesterday... Michael has a summons to court in White County for a case with Palisades Collections. I don't know who they are or what he owes them. I sent him a text to let him know that I received the paperwork and got no response.
I'm going to wager a bet that he's hanging with Dirty Jersey this weekend since he had to be in Jacksonville for our divorce case tomorrow and is reluctant for her to know the shell game he plays with creditors. She'll figure out soon enough.
Here's what I think I should do... take the credit card that came in the mail for him and use it to pay whatever debt he's being sued for... if I've got to have all his business filter through MY address... then I'll handle it my way. What do you think?
My friend Mark can't respond fast enough... "leave the cat alone"... am I right?
I just have this theory that he is perfectly ok with his creditors sending stuff to my address and not his... calling my phone and harassing me instead of him... and subsequently, they've filed suit against him here. And honestly... I don't think it should be my responsibility to serve as his personal Mailboxes, Etc. I don't want to know that he's not paying his bills... him and his unpaid bills are no longer MY problem.
Well, once our case goes before the judge tomorrow.
If he would take responsibility with ... oh, I don't know... say, the U.S. Postal Service... and send an address correction in... then perhaps I wouldn't have to know about his business... and therefore wouldn't be compelled to share it.
Karma is a boomerang. Perhaps he shouldn't have been so delighted about Dean being taken to court for being $340 behind on child support.
My favorite coffee mug, the tinkerbell one that Michael gave me for my birthday in our first month together cracked yesterday. On Thanksgiving the camera broke. The laptop broke earlier this year... item by item, the relics of our life are falling apart.
I think it's sort of symbolic.
When I found the cracked mug... I laughed... couldn't miss the irony.
I do intend to contact the White County courthouse tomorrow to let them know that Michael does not, never has and never will live at my address.
I'm so glad to have a day off.
Next week will be busy... have to squeeze in the church Christmas dinner, office Christmas party and a visit to a urologist into my schedule... and Ginger is scheduled to be out at least 2 1/2 days next week, which means I'll be busier at work...
So I'm resting up... being lazy...
And trying to decide if I should put up a Christmas tree at all.
I really love my nativity set. What if I did a small tree on a table with the nativity set?
Hope you're having a great Sunday...
God bless.


Violet Cream said...

I hope you feel better soon.

mmmbrown625 said...

Stay away from that credit card ~ in fact, cut it up. You can get in big fat legal trouble should you try to use it, even if for his benefit. You go to the post office yourself and fill out a forwarding mail request to have HIS mail forwarded to either his mother or his brother ~ surely you can come up with one of their addresses. There is no earthly reason why you should be getting his mail. Oh, he's not too lazy to fill out an address correction form, he's purposely given out your phone number and address so his creditors will not hound him.

mmmbrown625 said...

Hey ~ dancemom625 is me ~ it kept giving me an error readong on the openid option.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, don't even fool about using it, anything comes up missing, used, bla..its you, your address. I know its temping but hell, you owe this guy nothing, ya know they one who left you for Dirty skanky? forward his mail, tell your mail man he isn't your mail box anymore and move on.. good luck!