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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm blogging during my lunch. I'm taking a shorter lunch today and leaving early. Got some things to attend to after work... and I'm tired.

I've spent the bulk of my morning quoting a farm policy, which I've never done. I took a little training course on it yesterday so I semi-sorta know what I'm doing but... mercy! It's so detailed! I had to meet with the farmer guy to get all the details about his inventory and what he grows and what he stores and how many employees he has and all that stuff. His current insurance carrier specializes in farms but they had never taken the time to go over coverages with him as specifically as I had. That's why I'm so good at what I do *wink* - I'm great at educating my customers. Which... honestly... is worth the time because if they have a claim and they don't know what coverages they do and don't have then people tend to get angry if things don't pay out like they thought. If they know what they've got... they're more likely to remain satisfied customers. So much about the insurance industry is myth and heresay - "My neighbor had this happen and her company paid it". Maybe. Maybe not.

anyways... why am I talking about work on my lunch break?

I bought some apple slices from McDonalds and they smell funny... like they're a little past prime. I'm afraid to risk some kind of food poisoning... I'm going to just be happy and full off of my fruit and yogurt parfait. And the caramel that the apples were supposed to go into.

Speaking to the farmer this morning got me hungry for some fresh veggies. He has 75 acres that he farms - all fruit and vegetables! He even grows asparagus. I have never had farm fresh asparagus... I've bought it in the grocery store but that's not the same. He's going to bring me some turnip greens. He also grows beets... talked about roasting beets with olive oil... mmm! I think if I can get a bunch more fresh fruits and veggies into my diet, I'll feel a lot better and lose some weight, even. I'm inspired! I'm totally craving beets, asparagus and turnip greens now!

I'm trying to think of any other interesting things to share and there's nothing. Austin's still hanging out with his brothers. It's still cold here. I haven't ended up with the sniffles that I thought were coming in... maybe they'll stay away... I'm enjoying having the house to myself. Stubby has figured out how to take off his fancy Christmas cape... although he drags it around with him and grooms it like it's part of him. I've got lots of New Year's Day plans ... girls day out with Angie, girls night in with Stasha... Jamie's birthday party on Saturday... and my doodle bug will be back home.

Lunch break is over. Happy Wednesday! Love and hugs!


stasha said...

you should just tell the farmer man to go on farmville it's a lot easier! lol! j/k!
I am sooo excited about our girls night in! You have no idea! Love you! :)