My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, December 6, 2009

a little whine on Sunday

received this morning from Ryan's house in Pennsylvania... *sigh*
No snow here in Georgia. Just a cold, hard frost.
I'm feeling awful this morning. Not just because Florida lost last night. *sob*
I have a sharp pain in my back - not sure if it's infection or a stone. It started on Friday and eased up until during the night last night. I'm nauseous... and it's uncomfortable... but it's not the horrible type of pain that I would think a kidney stone would bring. So I'm curled up in my nest, missing the Christmas musical at church, waiting to either feel better or feel bad enough to do something different. I'm on an antibiotic already so unless I started running a fever or was in *much worse pain* there's not really anything different that needs to be done.
Meanwhile, I've watched two good old movies on TCM, am avoiding SportsCenter (can't stand seeing Tim Tebow so upset)... and plan to spend today resolving whatever this is since once again tomorrow at work we will be shorthanded, at least by one. Kevin is on "paternity leave" until Tuesday. Tomorrow baby Raleigh has his first pediatrician visit. Theresa went down with a migraine on Friday and Ginger was out all week... so whatever I have has to be better by tomorrow.
The pain is moving... guess that's good news?
Have a great Sunday, forgive me for whining! Love and hugs!