My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

just a little whiny Wednesday a day early

I didn’t think I was gonna make it through today… I’m seriously uncomfortable.
I keep NOT using the word “pain” because it’s more of a crampy – pulling feeling on my back that sort of radiates around…. And then at times feels like a hot poker.
I’m running a fever today and feeling more pain but I’m hell bent for leather that I’m finishing today – since today is the end of the pay period.
And… well, worst case scenario… I’m closer to the hospital here at work than I would be at home – by 30 minutes or so – so if it became a crisis situation I would be closer to the hospital and not alone AND still on the clock.
I spoke with the nurse at my doctors office this morning and she gave me some “head to the hospital” symptoms to watch for. And I am. Watching.
And they have me scheduled to see a urologist tomorrow afternoon. I would much rather see someone in a non-emergency situation than go to the ER, especially since I’ve already had a CT scan and they didn’t see any stones. If there were stones then I would be more concerned.
And we are short by two people this afternoon… so I’m hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit!

Hmmm… what else is there to talk about?
Office Christmas party on Thursday night. You know how I love being home in my nest before dark… which lately around here means prior to 5:30… and the office party is near the office which will mean driving home and back to the office if I take Austin. I’m seriously thinking about not taking Austin. But he really wants to go. Last year it was just really dark and stressful making the drive home and right back. I hate driving after dark because of the deer… so many people get hit by deer around here… and they move more at dusk and right when it gets dark.
There were seven in the field across the street this morning…. Bold little fellows.
I don’t know… Austin needs to get out more…

I’m sick of Christmas music. Some songs are ok but the fifteen different arrangements of Silent Night… it gets old fast. This is why they shouldn’t start playing it in October. Keep it special.

Gotta focus… less than three hours to go….