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My People
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

.2, .4, .6, .8... I plan to appreciate...

I've got my normal pre-weigh in jitters. It's exciting... I look forward to this every week... it's the payoff for my diligence... and I AM diligent... I work hard at weight loss, although, honestly, it has become a way of life... a habit... a lifestyle... and I so very much enjoy seeing that success every week. This won't be a huge week for me on the scale but it will be a consistent week so I'm ok with it. It won't be a milestone... the next big milestone for me will be the 25th pound, probably in another week or two. It takes time... and every Saturday I get one week closer to goal. Just knowing that time is passing constructively - whether it's a huge loss of not - is happy for me.

I haven't eaten all my points this week. It's hard to swallow... I haven't had much of an appetite... I haven't felt like puttering in the kitchen. I'm glad I prepare meals in advance, that really helps. But I really... honestly... didn't even feel like plating stuff up. I'm still feeling sort of out of sorts. A little run down. But I do feel better.

Yesterday I closed a car loan - this brings a nice commission check - enough to make up for my lost day of work and then some. God is good like that. I also got child support... first time in a month... half of what I should have gotten but... I'll take it. Now I can pay for Austin's health insurance and will have money for groceries. I can relax a little this weekend knowing that financial ruin isn't staring me in the face. I'm joking. Sort of. I long for a time when I don't have to live paycheck to paycheck and can actually save money. One day.

Austin's gamer friend Zach ... the one that Austin wanted to stay with all summer... who is... I don't know, 19 or 20... a high school dropout... unemployed, unless you count community service hours... who lives with his mother and stepfather, who, neither one appears to be gainfully employed... the ones that Austin is glad to hang out with around the first of the month when their food stamp money comes in... not that I'm judging... I mean, I understand poor. I just don't understand lack of motivation and ambition. Sooo... last night... Austin was spending the night with Zach so they can play this new Halo game that is out for playstation. Austin had neglected to do his chores before he went over there so he had to come back and do his chores. Zach came with him... and Austin announced that Zach had been at the courthouse yesterday... TO GET MARRIED. Um. Ok. Weird enough. I asked Zach... "why would you want Austin hanging out with you on your wedding night?" and he said, "We didn't have a wedding, we just went to the courthouse". Does the kid miss the significance of "wedding night"? Besides... he said... he had dropped his girlfriend out at her house so she could tell her parents and "all hell will be breaking out there". Good times.

Did I refuse to let Austin go back with him? Nah. I figure... let Austin bear witness to the consequences of stupid decisions. Like getting married when you're unemployed and live with your parents and would rather play Halo than have a romantic wedding night. I just pray that they don't reproduce... but they probably already have.

Ladies, just in case you're wondering.... the wedding night is a great predictor of how successful your marriage will be. Michael got drunk and passed out on ours. Good times.

Plans for today: Weight Watchers then the big Agri-fest in "downtown" Cleveland, providing it's not too crowded and I can find a place to park. It starts at ten so my plan is to wander over right after Weight Watchers. Hopefully I'll be able to load up on all my produce for the week... I'm taking my grocery tote, just in case.

By the way... State Farm has some cute grocery totes for $1. I ordered a few this week. If you're local, I'll be glad to order one for you... so you can advertise for us... and if you're not local, ask your State Farm agent to order you one.

After Agri-fest... I'll make a grocery run for my staples... then it's football and farmville for the rest of the day. I plan to soak up as much R&R as possible this weekend to regain my strength from the strep and the evil flu shot.

I'll probably be back later with weigh in results and photos. Love and hugs and happy Saturday! Go Gators!