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My People
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Friday, September 24, 2010

eddie fisher is dead and I don't feel so good myself

The Brad Pitt of the fifties and sixties has died.... Eddie Fisher. He left one beautiful woman to marry another... just like Brad did. Debbie Fisher... who I loved in the Tammy movie... for Liz Taylor... who I think of as a husband hoarder.

I still maintain that if Jennifer Aniston can't find a man, what hope is there for me?

I also maintain that men don't cheat based on how their wife looks. I believe it's all part of the ego feeding game that some men are addicted to.

I'm glad I did one shot instead of taking antibiotic pills... the pills always make me sick... but the one megadose has my stomach a mess. Ugh.

However... I'm the world's worst at remembering to take pills so this is the best way.

I'm going to work today. I honestly don't feel bad. My throat is a little sore... I'm a little tired. But all things considered... much better than I could be.

Austin made a huge mistake yesterday... he took out the litter box (I use the disposable boxes) and forgot to open a new one. Nice. It was about 12 hours between the time he took it out and the time I discovered it... lots of nice little cat piles around my laundry room. I'm sure he will deny it or claim that I told him I would put out the new one (this is not our normal protocol... open new litter box, take out the old). And I'm sure that I'll end up being the one to clean it up... I started on it this morning but because of the antibiotics... my stomach is too weak. I ended up heaving.

Oh... maybe I shouldn't blog about cat poop and vomit. Well... that's what's happening around here this morning. Never a dull moment... even at the tail end of quarantine.

Do you think when Eddie Fisher met the Lord at the time of his death, God said to him, "you shoulda stuck with Debbie?"

I got a postcard from a friend who was visiting San Francisco... he went to a place that I visited with Jen when I was in San Fran almost four years ago... it was such a sweet thing. I love snail mail. We should send more of it.

It's time for me to grab a shower and wash the haze off so I can get to work. Friday. Blessed, amazing, wonderful Friday! How I love thee!

---------------------- Part 2

Ok... showered... dressed... semi-glammed... decided I don't really care how I look today. Sad times. Feeling weak and nauseous but mentally calculating potential paycheck if I don't work today and i know... I have to go and hang out as long as I can.

Happy Birthday to my Uncle Carl who is... I forget... how old today.

My brother Bryan is in Atlanta this weekend for a deposition for a case that he's working on... I'm sure it has enormous potential impact - world peace or something - but I think he's going to be entertaining the parents for their birthdays (daddy's was Tuesday, mama's is Sunday). Not likely that I'll see him. Wonder if he'd stow me away in his bags on his way back to New York? I'm very bendy.

Today will be warm... tomorrow will be warm... and after that we're going to have several mild days with temps getting no higher than the 70s. That makes me happy. I love mild weather. I'm looking forward to healing from this unexpected illness... and getting started walking in the evenings.... just absorbing the pleasant weather.

Must fix my meals... I'm not the least bit hungry but I need to eat. My weight is still up slightly, even though I've been eating less this week. Not worried... it will come off.

Happy Friday again....


mortonlake said...

saw the link on face,this just to say hi,hope you are soon better, tc mort :)

Eva said...

Great job on the weight loss Heather, I'm really trying but, have a lot of things getting in my way, mainly me though! Great post! Hope your feeling better soon!