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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I feel sorry for anyone who isn't me...

I hijacked this photo off the Loganberry Heritage Farm facebook page... but this is what I found this morning when I went to the farm... the most beautiful selection of heirloom tomatoes... I bought about $12 worth...

almost Heaven...

taken at Garlic Fest last week (which I missed since I was in the city)... that's my buddy Philip with the garlic hat. Really.
Now that's some selection of garlic!

I really do feel sorry for anyone who doesn't get to eat the things I eat... smell the sweet mountain air... feel the awesome *almost* fall temps... experience the reward of success on the scale... have the knowledge that you're doing good things for yourself, eating right...

I feel sorry for anyone who can't pull up to a scenic mountain farm stand and walk to up get a huge hug and "we missed you last week" and "we've got those tomatoes that you love in today"... I feel sorry for anyone who can't take a few minutes to pet the barn kitty... learn about the herb of the week... swap anecodotes with other farm visitors... sample a little homemade lemonade, homemade pimento cheese, homemade chicken salad, homemade peach salsa...mmm!

I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have the priviledge of knowing where their food comes from... anyone who has to eat food full of pesticides and chemicals... that has traveled hundreds of miles on a truck... that originated on some random farm, harvested by unknown hands, treated who knows how... I never have to pay attention to a recall on the news. If something I buy from the farm is bad, I'll get a facebook message from my friends at the farm.

Yeah. It's not a bad life.


slj said...

lol..I'm feeling sorry for me right now..
congrats on the weight's looking very impressive.
I'm still trying to find my inner motivation..

Becky said...

Ha ha, I was going to say the same things as Sheri. I'm coveting some of these beautiful things about your life... gorgeous surroundings, fresh farmstand food, and people who KNOW you. Quite a contrast to my life in the big city.

Great weigh-in today. Mine's day after tomorrow. I just started using My Fitness Pal online two weeks ago. Great site, nice people, and free! I have a lot more to lose than you.

Anonymous said...

Hey you know heather maybe us ladies can bring our own dinner on Wednesday night , i love the salads you make . I love reading your blog !