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My People
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

whiny and wonderful wednesday

Good Morning, y'all! Join me in celebrating Whiny Wednesday! Lots of anxiety producing stuff on my plate today and I barely slept last night so I'm sure I'm gonna make the most of it.

Here are my weekly whines:

  • The tub is still stopped up. I forgot to buy drano yesterday. Whether I take a sink bath or brave the two day old water... I'm not going to be my cleanest today. Sorry to all of those who come in contact with me.
  • I have to bite the bullet and get the new drivers license today. I'm a nervous wreck. Dealing with the DMV is always miserable. I'm taking half a day off to do this and I pray that's enough time.
  • Austin has a very important test today that will determine whether or not he gets a "real diploma"... it's a writing assessment. I don't beleager the point much here but Austin has Aspergers Syndrome... high functioning autism. His communication skills are fairly well evolved due to his high intelligence but his written communication is poor. His handwriting is at first grade level and probably will never improve. His ability to empathize with the listener when telling a story is lacking. If he doesn't pass the test, he has several more opportunities but they get increasingly difficult. He has some accomodations due to his disorder but they are minor... smaller group for testing, more controlled test environment, longer time period... but ultimately, if he wants a real diploma, he has to be able to pass this writing test. I'm a nervous wreck and he's a real grouch.
  • I had a horrible night's sleep last night. I barely slept. I was still awake past 1:30 and I was awake before 5:30. I need far more sleep than that.
  • We had a huge creepy spider in the office yesterday. I mean, that was yesterday so it doesn't necessarily qualify for Whiny Wednesday but it still creeped me out.
  • My throat doesn't hurt as much as it did last week but my ear is still bothering me. The last time I had chronic ear pain I started a six month odyssey of visits to all kinds of specialists. I'm just not going to put my wallet through that again. But it's aggravating. I have a physical on Friday, I'll mention it then but if my regular doctor can't diagnose the problem... I'll just suffer with it until I get my ObamaCare. Ha.
  • Bitty Kitty is a baby kangaroo. He is glued to me. I can barely type for him laying on me. My view of the laptop is over his furry hide. But he YUBS me!
  • I want to plan a day trip with Austin... I need a change of scenery... we need some bonding time... I start looking at some places that would be a reasonable day trip... Asheville, NC is only 2 1/2 hours... I've always wanted to go to Biltmore. I love Cades Cove and it's 3 1/2 hours. He wants to go to Ruby Falls... which is a huge cave. I'm claustrophobic. But... I want to do something that he'll be excited about... so I may just suck it up. Anyone want to go with us on a day trip?
  • My stomach is a mess.
  • I'm congested... it's mild yet... but it's in my chest... I can feel the wheeze.
  • My favoritest Blue Diamond Almond Nutcrisp crackers had apparently been run over by a semi before they were placed on the store shelf... they were a big box of crumbs.

Ok... now lets do some Wonderful things about today:

Hen Party tonight at church! woohoo!
Only working half a day... and even though I have to go to the DMV... I'm only working half a day!
My coffee is awesome!
I'm planning to get a pumpkin spice latte while I'm in civilization today.
Hump day! (which is a term I don't care for but I appreciate the sentiment)
I've stayed on a healthy eating program for 16+ weeks now. I think that's really awesome.
I changed the litter box yesterday so I don't have to do it again for a few days.
I've got an awesome breakfast planned... wheatberries, apples and the last of Nadine's chicken salad which I hid under the collard greens to make sure i had some left for breakfast this morning.
Low humidity which equals good hair day for my drivers license picture. If I have to take another one.
My car runs, my bed is comfy, my computer works, my farmville farm is awesome and I added some new things, I have a decent place to live and a very forgiving landlord, my kids are healthy, my parents are relatively healthy... my sweet nieces are about to go to the Happiest Place On Earth...

I'm whiny but life is really pretty ok.
Have a great day!

COMMENT CHALLENGE: post one whiny and one wonderful thing about today!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

One whine.. I had to get up this morning and deal with whiny kids and a whiny young adult. One wonderful.. I get to go to the barn this morning and see my horse friends and see about doing a barter with the barn owner.

Anonymous said...

One whine ~ dealing with the jerk who let the freshman class use his building to build their homecoming float then blessed everyone out because it wasn't left up to his standards. It looked pretty dog-gone good last night when we left at 10:30, but looks like the class will have to pay his cleaning crew to clean it. Again. Ugh!

One wonderful ~ getting my new carpet in today!! Yay!! Ready to get my living room back in order!

Good luck to Austin and his test today! And good luck to you and hope you take a marvelous driver license picture!

Anonymous said...

One whiney; have a terrible head cold like everyone else in the world, yuck.... one wonderful; mom and dad brought me over a beautiful mum and a treat w/ a magazine to read in bed! they are the best! :)Rose

Barbara said...

One whiny, I just got over 6 weeks of feeling yuck, congestion, coughing etc, Now it's back.
My granddaughter had her first violin lesson, she is using my dad's violin. I am pretty happy about that.

stasha said...

i wanna go on a day trip with you and auggie!!!! Please please! Lol! one wonderful thing... I had the entirre day off and i spend it with aj! One whiney thing... I missed taco night at church last night! Lol! Love you! :-)