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My People
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

the week in pictures, menu for the week, etc

This is me... at my current weight. I've been avoiding the full body shots because... well... I'm not at my goal weight yet. But... I thought this might be nice to compare to in a month or six months or whatever...

I still think I'm pretty durn cute for an old chubby girl...

my main meals last week....
huge spider web outside my office
on my way to the farm today... I came across Bessie in the middle of the road. If you ever doubted that I live in the country.... here's your proof!

I sat in the car CRACKING up! At the farm today I bought lots of maters, peppers, beets and these big old green onions.
I've finished my cooking for the week. I did some new things...
Massaged Kale (like last week) but this time I used sea salt and it worked much better... I added a cup of cubed cooked sweet potato to the kale... with nutmeg. It's an entirely different flavor and I think it's going to be a nice treat.
Panzanella (bread salad) I used some stale bread cut into cubes (4 slices) with 4 cups of beautiful colors of tomatoes, 2 cups of wheatberries, basil, olive oil and red wine vinegar. I can't wait to eat it!
I made taboule from scratch instead of using a box mix... replacing the parsley with cilantro and using fresh mint. I also roasted some peppers and put them in it for a different texture. I have avocado to go with that (for some healthy fats).
I made a wheatberry and roasted beet salad that will be topped with goat cheese. 2 cups of wheatberries, 2 cups beets, those big ole onions, vinegar, a little olive oil... also looks really good.
I have millet and brown rice ready to be reheated - veggies chopped for a quick stirfry - baked sweet potatoes ready to be reheated - and some of Nadine's yummy chicken salad.
My main animal protein this week will be tilapia and salmon. I took Austin out for ribs today and it just really amazes me that I don't crave that stuff any more. A year ago I couldn't have imagined going to North Georgia BBQ without getting ribs and banana pudding. I took two bites of Austin's ribs and... I was fine. I bought some chopped pork for my dinner but that means that I've eaten pork twice this week which makes me feel sluggish...
At any rate... it was a beautiful day. I was delighted to hit that big goal at Weight Watchers. Cyndi and Ben met me at the farm and another church member, Vanessa, was there with her husband so it was like old home week. Organic Rose showed me how to make my own salad dressing and cautioned us to use gloves when chopping hot peppers. I (of course) ignored her and my fingers burned like they had been stuck with a hot poker. Cyndi showed me how to get to her house... she is waaaaay back in the middle of nowhere... and I felt a little better about the cat poop that her son found in my carpet when I had to step over chicken poop to get to her house.
Austin was not bothered about not going to the meeting about his trip. He agreed that there are better opportunities for him to travel... such as the Kenya mission trip that our church goes on every year. I would much rather his international travel experience come with people I know and trust and who know Austin. Soooo... we'll start looking into that.
And I. Am. Worn. Out. Happy weekend, y'all.


slj said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal.
You look great..

Remo said...

You look great and I think it's important to have those "before" shots to help you measure your progress. Stay the course.

Anonymous said...

I've missed your blog. Glad you are announcing updates on FB. I also live your "day in the life" photo entries. You look great Heather. Have missed you. Keep up the awesome job with WW.
Love and hugs,
Jen S.