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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, September 30, 2010

finding reasons to be thankful

I woke up to the sound of falling rain outside of my open window. The a/c has been off all week and I'm loving this weather - rain and all.

I accomplished everything I needed to yesterday... got the replacement drivers license, got the tag for Cody's car. I was tempted to get a Gators tag for it... since he's such a huge Florida State fan... but it would have cost an additional $90. No deal.

I prayed yesterday morning that yesterday would NOT be one of those "character building days"... you know... the ones that are fraught with peril and challenges that help us become better people. Maybe it seems sacriligious ... to actually pray that... but it comes as no surprise to God that I hate dealing with the DMV and I had little time, money or patience for hiccups yesterday.

Then I had to laugh while I was driving... windows down on a beautiful fall day... to the picturesque little town of Toccoa... to the tiny drivers license office. The people there were so nice and the process - although it took two hours total with drive time - was fairly easy. Yes, it really stunk that I had to go get a replacement license but it WAS character building... in that I realized how desperately I needed a change of scenery, an afternoon away from the office, a little time alone to think and pray.

The lesson... even those really unpleasant chores that we have to take care of can hold a blessing if we look for it.

I waited too long to eat lunch yesterday and ended up with a miserable headache... but i popped some ibuprofen and got a little rest before church. As much as possible with Austin, Logan and Logan's girlfriend hanging out... but... I can't complain at the beginning of the week about being lonely and then complain about having a house full of giggly teenagers during the week.

Jamie Gant, bless her sweet little heart... came running into the fellowship hall last night with open arms... couldn't wait to hug me... claimed a spot beside me at dinner instead of sitting with her buddies... and then had to go BACK to see Austin again to get another squeeze from him.

I'm running out of time... must eat, pack lunch, glam and dash. Austin asked for a ride to school since it's raining and i would have been glad to do it IF I was already ready and there weren't going to be two people missing first thing this morning at the office... I can't be late. He's angry but he'll get over it. Austin has a lot of trouble with frustration when he doesn't get his way. It's my job to prepare him for adult life... and in adult life... things don't always go your way.

Hope you all have an amazing day... find something to be grateful for in everything you do. Remember my mom in prayer, she's sick again. She went back to the hospital last night.
Love and hugs, y'all!


slj said...

Hope all goes well for your Mom. I'll keep her in my prayers:)