My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Solemn Saturday

Starting my day watching documentaries about 9/11. It's still so sad... fascinating... unbelievable. I still jump when the second plane hits. I'll never forget the absolute fear that gripped my heart... working near the Atlanta airport... wondering who would be next, where they would attack next... who was at risk... I'll never forget my boss' face when she turned to me and said, "go get your babies, go home and be safe". I did. I'll never forget touring the Ground Zero site with my brother and seeing the church where the first responders stayed. I love New York. I love New Yorkers. I love the spirit of that city and the determination that is still evident.

I've got weigh in this morning... I think I'm down around a pound from last week. Two big milestones ahead - hopefully this month - hoping to reach my 20 pounds total loss and hoping to hit my 10% total weight loss. These are HUGE accomplishments and I'm laser beam focused on reaching these. To get to the 20 pound total I'll have to have a loss today of 1.6 pounds and I don't think I'm *quite* there. I think I'm down about 1.2 pounds at best. Tomorrow is my 3 month weight watchers anniversary.

Austin wants to apply for a job at the game shop today... He picked out an acceptable outfit and asked me to iron it... I didn't know he knew what an iron was for... I am super dubious that he will get hired but I appreciate the fact that he's interested in doing something productive with his time. He can ride his bike to this place... it's about two miles from our house. I also think it's good practice for him to go thru the job application process, even if he doesn't get hired.

I'm still feeling sort of nauseated/icky. I didn't eat dinner last night... just had some wheat thins and almonds. I put beans in the crockpot to cook and forgot to plug it in. I really was exhausted.

Today I need to do my food shopping and food prep. My fridge is COMPLETELY empty... not one single salad ready to eat. I'm thinking one pot of soup this week in addition to my salads. I really like soup for breakfast.

Time is passing quickly... need to glam and get ready for weigh in... think thin, y'all!