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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, January 2, 2009

I don't want to get out of bed

It feels like Monday all over again. I don't want to get out of bed.

It's cold outside. It's a jeans day, so that makes it easier. The Atlanta newscaster says there's a wintry mix "up in the mountains"... hmmmm.... that would be us.... she also said there is no danger of accumulation. Rain is predicted all the way through Tuesday. Good times! I guess I'll just be a curly girl for the next week.

Oh well. I need to go feed Angie's cat Princess during my lunch today. She's an outdoor cat but she's still gotta be fed. When I got there yesterday she definitely had a catitude... "where have YOU been? I'm hungry!" I would wait until after work to feed her but it's semi-dark then and Jim and Angie live a good ways off the road. I'd feel better doing it in daylight.
I spent a lot of time reading blogs yesterday in Google Reader... and not much time commenting. I'm sorry... it's the fastest way to read a lot of blogs in a little time. I try to keep up via dashboard but ultimately end up missing some of you. If you know how to work the email feature and want to add me to your emailed alerts, I'll do a better job of reading and commenting on every post. I promise.
Austin wants to make an apple cobbler today while I'm at work and has asked me to write down the recipe. That makes me a little nervous... but I'm glad he wants to learn how to cook. Ish.
I've had crazy, vivid dreams overnight! I woke up a half dozen times to pee... apparently I had too much to drink last night before bed. Not alcoholic stuff.... apple cider and hot chocolate...
The last thing I read before I fell asleep was a Bible Handbook that gives background history of the bible. It's great... lots of pictures and information about how the Bible was handed down through history. It also tells a lot about the lifestyles - clothing - housing, etc in biblical times. The book was on clearance at the Christian book store.
I have a headache brewing... ugh! Hopefully it will be a slow day at work. Duane should be back from his two week vacation today. Ginger is still out due to a slipped disk in her back. It's been busier than I thought it would be this week. Maybe since we're past "the holidays" people will be ready to start buying again. I need to land some good commissions!
Time to start the glam routine... have a beautiful day, be safe, stay warm, rejoice for all the wonderful things God has done in your life, be prayerful, seek first the Kingdom of God... love and hugs!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you don't get any slippery stuff your way. All is calm here for a change but we could get some more snow they say. Take care and I hope you have a great Friday.

GReality said...

I doubt you'll remember me from years ago but I'm glad to find your new blog. I missed hearing how you were doing and your life adventures. Have a great 2009 !

sober white women said...

We have some storms coming in here. BRRR! I have days that I also dont want to get out of bed. Tomorrow will be one of those days.

Tina of Moon Shine said...

we thought we may get snow but they were wrong. I have had a terible headache.