My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, January 19, 2009

pictures of me from 1982

Here are a few more of the picture that my friend Tammy posted from our ninth grade cheerleading squad. This was an amazing group of girls and we had the BEST time together! I'm still in touch with four of five of these girls on a daily basis!

I was talking to my friend A.T. tonight and I mentioned to her how amazing it is that I have people in my life who have BEEN in my life for thirty years or more! What I've missed out on with romantic success in relationships, I've more than made up for in lifetime friendships. I have led a charmed life, without a doubt.
If I can scare up some more of these type pictures I will share them.

I was able to lighten this picture just slightly. I mean... these pictures are...*gulp* 27 years old... and they are scanned from pictures... so the quality isn't going to be great.
It's been an interesting night. I had a great time chatting with A.T. she is getting ready to go on a medical missions trip to El Salvador. Please remember her and the missions team in prayer! She is so courageous! First she saves my whiny butt from the desert of Jacksonville -then she goes BACK with me in a marathon day just so I can have my big tv - and now she's heading off to the wilds of Central America (geography check) to share the love and compassion of Christ with the poor and needy there. I think she's aiming for sainthood!
My throat is so sore... it's been a good day, a day filled with laughter and friendship and I am LOVING facebook, I'll tell ya! But now it's time for me to curl up in my nest and pray for snow! Love and hugs!


Joann said...

Yes, these pics are SO 80's!! The hairstyles, the clothes, I recognize them all well!! = )

cw2smom said...

Great photos! Love all those glasses! Isn't it wonderful to be friends with people for years like that! I have a girlfriend that I've known since we were in 2nd grade! That's a LONG time! Stay warm! Blessings, Lisa

Remo said...

I wonder if anyone in any of those pictures thought they would understand the phrase "Tramp Stamp" in their adult years. LOL

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the names of all the girls in the photos? I think I see Anja Aloia and Jody Sale, but I didn't remember them being cheerleaders . . .