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My People
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Monday, January 5, 2009


Do you guys read my comments? We have been visited by my super smart and articulate friend Robert... (who I miss, by the way! I'm past due for a major squeeze!) Robert and I met through theatre and he is my cosmopolitan, intelligent, liberal, knowledgeable friend. We used to spend hours talking about anything and everything under the sun and although we are on completely opposite sides of every single issue in the world (except theatre) I can't think of a single argument we ever had. We've had some great discussions - but never arguments. He has a real gift for presenting his perspective while still respecting yours. And he leaves great comments! :waves to Robert: Thanks for stopping by! It's so good to hear from you! Anytime you want to take a road trip to the mountains, I'll pack a picnic! It's chilly but beautiful.

Speaking of comments...I need to apologize for not being a good commenter lately. I read a lot but say very little. I know that's selfish... and I promise to try to do better... even if I just say hello. I always feel like I need to have some witty, insightful or particularly inspirational comment... and sometimes I just read an entry and think, "that's nice". Or "that sucks". Or whatever.

Today was not so bad for a Monday. It was busy but not unpleasant. We had a problem balancing our deposit at the end of the day but... you're gonna have that sometimes. I figured it out.

*a half hour later*

While typing this entry I remembered that I forgot to pick up my ambien from the drug store. *needle scratches record* At least the drug store is close... as a matter of fact, that's the closest business to us if you don't count the elementary school on the corner. We made it there in a split second, there was no wait and we even had a few minutes of drug store shopping fun! I bought new lotion... Austin got some zit stuff... cat litter... that sort of thing. Austin had wanted to make a Walmart run when I got home from work today... but Walmart is 30 minutes away and it's a rainy night... I understand the concept of Retail Therapy but not if it means an hour drive on two lane mountain roads in the dark.

Austin is a bit stir crazy. They start back to school tomorrow. I know it's going to take a few days to adjust... he's been really sweet to me tonight. He made me some hot cider to drink when I got home and fixed dinner - a ham sandwich and tater tots. Ok... not incredibly healthy but still sweet of him to do. He had mostly done his chores when I got home - other than breaking the belt on the vacuum cleaner. Oh well. I hate to vacuum anyways. I've got another belt. I just need someone who is mechanically inclinded to repair it for me.

I went to Sonic for lunch today... I had a lean cuisine to eat but I didn't want to stay at the office. I got a sprite zero and a banana from Sonic. Bananas are on the dollar menu at Sonic. Seriously. So I had a banana and a lean cuisine for lunch... And letsee... breakfast was a lean pocket. I'm not really back on track like I want to be but... at least I'm eating SOME better. The ultimate for me will be when I am able to get off the white stuff (sugar, flour, potatoes, rice, etc) and have the right number of servings for fruits and vegetables.

Man... is it just me or am I boring today? I kinda like boring. A girl can only do so much drama! I've been in a really chill state of mind today. I'm not sure why... but I have been praying for peace so maybe that's it. Last night I was really bummed after talking to Michael. It's like I said, I don't want to go back but it still hurts. I have a friend who was served divorce papers today... (and I'm praying for you, honey!) and it shook her up quite a bit. I know that there are going to be days like that... I know there are going to be days that it just hits hard and there are going to also be days where I'm ok. Today, I'm ok.

Time to chat with my buddy.... a girl's gotta have someone to confide in, right? Goodnight y'all....


Myra said...

I read a lot of blogs, too, and don't comment all the time. Usually, if it is something that has resonated me, I'll comment. I heard from my boys that my ex is dating this girl we've known since high school...and I would NEVER go back, it still kinda bothers me, kinda, in a weird sort of way. Its like another rejection, kinda, so I know how you feel, kinda! Take care...

B said...

I am glad you are feeling at peace today, it is nice to have those kinds of days.
We just got a sonics in town last month, so I haven't been there much.
I wish you luck on your eating change.

sober white women said...

That is so cool that Austin made you dinner. He must have been proud of himself.
Can you believe that our children do not go back until next week?!