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My People
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Well Do You Know ME?

UPDATE: the statements that are BOLD are false! The pattern was that every 4th statement was false... here goes! Roberta was the only one who answered ... so she wins by default. Y'all are NO FUN! Berta... wish I could send you some New York related items... instead, I'll send you some goodies from Helen, GA. Message me your address, ok?

I'm going to list a series of statements. Your job is to pick which of these are NOT true. List those numbers in comments... the one who calls me out on the most false statements wins...

(incidentally... my friend Mary usually is the best at Heather Trivia... she's most likely to win)

Here goes:

1. My first address was 1001 Oakdale Rd.

2. My first best friend was named Tonya.

3. My first plane ride was to West Palm Beach, Florida.

4. My first dog was named Spot. His name was SOLID because he was a SOLID color.

5. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

6. I can still do a split.

7. The mascot for my junior high school was the Spartans.

8. I once got in trouble for not knowing how to spell Spartans. there was a girl who cheered the year before me who couldn't spell Spartans so she had to practice it over and over.

9. I am left handed.

10. I am missing my big left toenail.

11. I always hated my thighs, even when I weighed 105 pounds.

12. My first car was red... that's false... My first car was burgundy. A 1986 Ford Escort.

13. The first movie I ever watched on video tape was Urban Cowboy.

14. My first time outside of the state of Georgia was when I was 11.

15. My astrological sign is Taurus.

16. I read my horoscope every day. .. not true. While I do believe that God ordained the sun, moon and stars and there are connections/patterns to be discerned by the heavens... I don't hold much store in horoscopes.

17. When I was a little girl we had two cats named Patches and Calico.

18. My grandfather used to have a worm farm.

19. My mother is one of seven children.

20. My father is one of four children. False. My father is the middle child in a family of 3 - he has an older brother and a younger sister.

21. I'm an alto but I'm too tone deaf to hear the harmony so I usually sing soprano.

22. I wore a size 5 or 7 in high school.

23. My first rock concert was Madonna.

24. I love horror movies. - nope. Hate them.

25. I was in the Science Club in Jr High.

26. I wasn't in any clubs in High School.

27. I once tore my size 5 Gloria Vanderbilts trying to climb a fence at a local high school.

28. I once had a pet rat named Ralph. Nope. That's false.

29. One of my children used to love to sleep in my queen sized pantyhose.

30. If my children had been girls their names would have been Ashley, Alyssa and Caylen.

31. I can't go to sleep at night until I pre-program the tv to all the shows I would watch if I were awake.

32. I preferred New Coke and was disappointed when they brought back Classic Coke in 1985. - Sorry... I'm a purist. When I drink coke... and it's extremely rare... possibly two a year... at most... I like it in a tall glass over ice.

33. I secretly adore Flo from Progressive.

34. I cannot stand to hear the Family Guy theme song.

35. Austin and I randomly sing tv theme songs.

36. I still wear a retainer at night. Never had one... never wore one.

37. I currently have both a bottle of honey and a container of red pepper flakes in my purse.

38. My favorite lip gloss is Avon's Glazewear. I buy at least a dozen tubes at a time.

39. I love The Nanny but never watched a single episode until it was in syndication.

40. I wish I had a dog. Oh... not me. We are gone too long during the day.

41. My closet is organized in color order according to the rainbow.

42. I never hang my toilet paper on the holder because it's on the "wrong side".

43. I bite my fingernails.

44. I am superstitious. Not really.

45. I have had my Christmas tree up since October and have no intention of taking it down.

46. I love to walk in the woods.

47. I am memorizing Psalms 139 this year.

48. I have a brother who lives in Pittsburgh. WRONG... my brothers live in Clarkesville, GA, Chattanooga, TN, New York City and Acworth, GA.

49. Mr. Drake has tried on several occasions to teach me to swing dance and I'm lousy at it.

50. I find Yiddish phrases amusing.

51. I drink hot tea all day at work, reusing the same tea bags all day.

52. I was a late bloomer. - not true. I wish, but not true.

53. I have five nieces and four nephews and one great-nephew.

54. I am a licensed insurance agent.

55. I love Florida Gators football and Kentucky Wildcats basketball.

56. I live on a dirt road. - wrong... I live "in town" the roads are all paved.

57. My favorite thing that I did in New York was tour the Tenement Museum.

58. The funniest thing in San Francisco (to me) were the suicide prevention signs on the Golden Gate bridge.

59. I once got violently seasick on a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan in Chicago.

60. I got in trouble for picking tulips in Boston. False. I took pictures of tulips in Boston but I didn't pick any and I didn't get in trouble.

61. I hated Miami Beach because I had to use the bathroom and we were stuck in traffic and couldn't find a place to park.

62. I always cry at airports when I see happy reunions.

63. I listen to part of the Rush Limbaugh show every day.

64. I am allergic to dogs. - No. Not allergic.

My alarm just went off so that means that Cyndi is waiting with her coffee to read today's blog so I'm going to wrap this up.

What do you think guys? Out of these statements... which numbers are false? I'll give you a hint... there's a pattern to it... whoever wins will get a special surprise in the mail from me!

I have my first physical therapy visit today... yesterday at work I was in a lot of pain and was under an enormous amount of (unnecessary) stress which made things worse... I was really tearful and struggled all day. I spent a lot of time in prayer... please keep me in prayer today. I would dearly love to go to bible study tonight and I'm afraid that I'm going to be in too much pain after PT.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday! Love and hugs!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to think about these for a bit . . . some I know and some I have no clue about :) but I did want to tell you to not stress about PT. If it hurts, they won't make you do it. They don't like for their patients to cry. Much.

Jim Gant said...

Your first car was red. It was a 1959 Rambler station wagon that Mom and I bought in 1966. It finally died when we were living in the Skyland Apartments. The first car you and Robert had was an orange Vega ... which you traded for the burgandy Escort in 1986.