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My People
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

sisters are doin' it for Grammy recap

I'm so inspired by the Aretha Franklin tribute on the Grammys... those five ladies had PIPES! Christina Aguilera definitely redeemed herself from her SuperBowl mishap. Loved Jennifer Hudson - my Weight Watchers buddy - and the other ladies really stepped it up. Good times.

I watched the red carpet shows... that's my favorite part of all these award shows... I love fashion, love to see people all glammed up. I'm more of a classic, traditional kind of style... don't really go for avant guard, over the top stuff ala Gaga. I mean... seriously... I can't even listen to her music because I'm so put off by her desperate need for attention... an egg? Arriving in an egg/womb/spaceship? Audrey Hepburn (as my friend Stacey noted) is rolling in her grave. What happened to taste?

My favorite pop star right now is Katie Perry. I think she's edgy, talented, cutie patootie, funny... she doesn't take herself so seriously as Lady Gaga.

Jennifer Hudson makes me want to lose a bunch of weight this week.

Funniest email of the past week: my friend emailed me and said, "Where were you when I got pulled over for speeding? I sang the State Farm jingle, "like a good neighbor..." and you didn't show up. WTF?" I must have been off that day. Cracked me up, though.

I kinda want an ipad.

Austin and Justin Bieber were born on the same day.

I love the whole concept of sisters doing it for themselves. I love being independent. Especially on Stupid Cupid day. Who needs a guy? Who needs stinking Vermont Teddy Bears or long stem red roses or a heart shaped box of chocolates or whatever other stupid over commercialized crap for a made up holiday that makes single people feel like great big losers. I don't need it. I need my curtains hung... my drawer fixed... things like that, maybe... but I'm doing alright on my own.

OMG. Have you seen the commercial about examining yourself for testicular cancer for Valentines Day? Instead of giving her a diamond, protect the family jewels. Funny stuff.

Watching the Grammys for me... is sort of weird since I don't listen to popular music on the radio. I'm mostly Contemporary Christian... showtunes... or my "learn to speak Italian" cd whenever I listen. I watch TMZ, though, so that keeps me in touch.

What's up with guys in tight pants, Ricky Martin? Emo much?

Truly impressed by the Lady Gaga number. Great dancers... she has a great voice, great stage presence, amazing body. I just wish she wasn't such a freak. Mercy.

Looking forward to the performance of Usher, Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. That should be interesting. If I can stay awake. The meds are kicking in... I'm getting fuzzy...

And... hello neuropathy... no feeling in my toes, sort of a numb/tingling...

Looking forward to the next Survivor but HOW MANY times can they resurrect Russell and Boston Rob? Not that I don't enjoy watching them both but... geeezzzzz.

Love Miranda Lambert... wonder if she's any relation to Adam?

Why is it that women think they have to wear six inch heels these day? It hurts my feet to look at them. It stresses me out, seriously. I also get stressed when they wear strapless dresses... afraid that they will have a wardrobe malfunction. Maybe that's the costumer in me... I think about how the outfit will hold up on stage.

Lenny Kravitz has a towel/dead dog around his shoulders. I don't get that outfit. Bless him.

Muse. Another band I've never heard of. I'm old, y'all.

I'm also half asleep. Better stop blogging... love and hugs... be back in the morning with Reasons to Love Monday.


Jeanne said...

You crack me never heard of them? I have that song on my Ipod for my gym time. I do like Katy Perry too...and I love Gaga even if she is weird. Her music is peppy and makes me I am just realizing how much popular music I DO listen to...I have the radio on in my car all the time and I like the popular stuff...except the slow sappy stuff...or country. Sorry I am just not a country gal! (LOL)