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My People
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Wonder Wednesday

Since yesterday was SUCH a whiny day for me, I'm gonna skip Whiny Wednesday this week and instead have "I Wonder... Wednesday"... I think it will be healthier than having two days of pity parties in a row.

But first... why Whiny Wednesday came on a Tuesday this week:
1. pain/discomfort/misery... my constant companion and unwelcome guest. It was really bad the last three hours of the work day but I had to stay. I just had to.
2. I burned my hand pulling a mug of hot water out of the microwave... it splashed and scalded the entire back of my hand and down my arm. THEN... it was (past) time to get in the shower so I had to endure the pain of the hot water from the shower on that burn. I cried. Big, ugly "why are you doing this to me, God?" sobs.
3. It was payday but our checks came late so I didn't get to go to the bank. Well. D offered to let me take an extended lunch to go but that would have negatively impacted my coworkers who have been patient with my extended absences so it seemed unfair. Hoping the extra day doesn't cost me in bounced checks. I already came up shorter than usual because of the short payday... didn't get some money I was expecting... had additional expenses. My budget ain't purty.

Ok... now... having said that... it's over, I survived the day, I never have to relive that day again. I get a do-over and it's going to be better than yesterday. I can't control all the circumstances, but I can always control my response to them. Today, I'm determined to be positive, not whiny.

I wonder what would happen if we spent more effort finding things to be happy about rather than complaining.
I wonder what this full bladder CT scan will be like...
I wonder how long it will take
I wonder if I'll be finished in time to go to Bible Study tonight... and
I wonder if I'll feel well enough to go.
I wonder what it's like to have 2 feet of snow on the ground.
I wonder how Purple Michael is surviving tech week in a blizzard. It will make for funny stories, one day, I'm sure.
I wonder how I can have 200 hits a day - and only one or two comments.
I wonder why facebook is so uncooperative today - keeps dropping off.
I wonder how much a new laptop battery will cost. Mine is definitely dead. Have to stay plugged up.
I wonder what my weight will be this morning. Yesterday I was up FIVE pounds.
I wonder how you gain five pounds in one day... unless you're on a cruise ship or participating in an eating competition.
I wonder if my Bitty Kitty will ever make it home.
I wonder what the whole Groundhog Day thing really means... it's sort of a non-holiday holiday. Like St. Patrick's day.
I wonder if we have these goofy holidays during the winter to give us something to do. Things like Singles Awareness Day (Valentine's Day)
I wonder what other single people do for Valentine's Day. I keep thinking, "Stupid Cupid"
I wonder why I'm in so much pain. It's clearly an indication of something wrong.
I wonder when it will end.
I wonder what I should get my daughter in law for her birthday - it's Friday. She'll be 21.
I wonder why Charlie Sheen won't just go to rehab.
I wonder if his parents will get guardianship over him. It seemed to help Brittney.
I wonder how much snow my oldest son has on the ground.
I wonder how many of you are snowed in today.
I wonder when this winter will end...
I wonder what I should eat for breakfast... leaning toward steel cut oats and banana.
I wonder how much my past due fees for my library books are right now... haven't found time to go by. Tried to do the online renewal and it didn't work. Guess I'll be making a donation.
I wonder how many of you are still reading this.
I wonder if you have any questions for me.
I wonder if the beer I drank last night to help with my kidney stones made any difference. I didn't hate it. I slept well.
I wonder how long it will take me to straighten my hair today since I let it dry naturally yesterday. It's a rats nest.
I better get busy with the glam routing.
Have a Wonder-full Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Snow? Yes maam! A Civil Danger Warning was issued here over the night. In my 40 years I have NEVER EVER heard one of these issued. Still suppose to go to work today. Seriously?