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My People
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Monday, February 28, 2011

reasons to love Monday

There's a weather front heading our way and I'm feeling it... apparently the Lord saw fit to make me a human barometer... not just by giving me naturally curly (frizzy) hair... but also with a tendency for barometric migraines (which I have now) and the arthritis in my back. I can barely move this morning... and it's Monday... but despite my potential for a bad hair day, I'm going to try to find reasons to love Monday again this week...

1. With gas prices rising by the minute... gas is cheaper today than it will be next week.

2. I had a much, MUCH more peaceful weekend this weekend than the last.

3. Church was great yesterday, I'm so glad I went. The crying room was the perfect hangout for me. I found that the most comfortable position is leaning over the back of a chair... and that's what I did through most of the service. I got to visit with a sweet young mom who just had her third boy.. and shared with her what a blessing it was in my life to be the mommy of boys. I feel restored and refreshed from having been there...

4. I went to pick up Sarabeth and Jamie from Childrens Church yesterday and felt two sets of arms hugging me while I was signing the girls out... I looked up and it was SB and Jorjann... and JJ said, "Aunt Heather, I've missed you soooo much!"... made my heart melt! I'm starting my week KNOWING that I'm loved.

5. Angie asked me to listen to Jamie's breathing yesterday. Having raised a child with pretty significant asthma and allergy issues (Ryan)... I learned when he absolutely HAD to see a doctor. We spent a lot of time in urgent care... I hated it... but sometimes you just have to. Angie has a lot going on with her job yesterday and today... they're going thru their accreditation process at the college and it's a huge deal. She had to be at the college at 3pm yesterday... but was worried about baby girl. I listened... and looked her over... she had a ring of white around her lips, her chest was crackling... she needed to see a doctor. I told Angie not to listen and pulled Jim aside and said, "she needs to see a doctor today" "can't wait?" "nope... she needs steriods" He took her. She has a touch of pneumonia, oxygen level at 94%... and was prescribed... wait for it... steroids. Jim said, "I'm glad you were there to diagnose her"... yep. Just one of the many services I provide. I'm glad I was there too... and glad she's already one day closer to being better. Poor girl.

6. It's the last day of February. Payday tomorrow. Another month checked off in 2011. My weight has stayed within the same 3 pound window since the end of November... 3 whole months. I could be discouraged that I'm not losing.... but instead... I'm going to just appreciate my maintenance skills. Maybe March will hold some weight loss for me... I'm not giving up, that's for sure. I still track everything I eat.

7. The worst of the weather is supposed to be in our area at exactly 5pm today. It's a fast moving storm so... by the time we leave work at 5:30, we should be ok. I hope. I guess I'm glad that we work later than 5??? Today... maybe...

8. Tomorrow is Austin's 17th birthday. He got a card in the mail this weekend from his grandparents. My dad said it didn't matter what card they bought, he was going to be more interested in what was IN the card. Austin actually DID enjoy the card. He also got a letter in the mail from his other grandmother. She tries... I mean... about once a year or so, he'll get something in the mail from her. The problem... she's a stranger to him. I can't even remember the last time he saw her. Austin, typical of teenagers everywhere, is very into the moment... if you're not IN his life, he doesn't think about you. I hate it for her... but... these are choices she made. I'm glad Austin knows his other grandparents and has a good relationship with them. (although I doubt he bothered to call to thank them for his card & cash)

9. Made a quick grocery run yesterday... didn't get EVERYTHING I needed but I did get some fresh produce and fish so I can eat healthy for the next few days. I'm almost out of coffee filters... so I've got to make another run quickly... but at least we're set for Monday. I have my lunch already ready.

10. I had such a great weekend... dinner with my friend Cyndi on Friday night... a completely restful Saturday... a good time at church... lots of great tv... no stress from Austin. In a way, I feel ten feet tall and bullet proof.... like... I'm ready to take on this week and whatever it has to offer.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday... love and hugs~


Red*Hot@52! said...

I'm so glad you got a good, restful, peaceful weekend - you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I have migraines and I feel the barometric pressure as well so I feel your pain!!! Sounds like a great weekend! My Monday morning started out with me falling, so not great.