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My People
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Reasons to Love Monday

I have barely moved from my nest over the past two days. I did exactly what I intended to do this weekend: NOTHING. I'm satisfied with my success.

Nevertheless... it's a brand new week and even though five long days stand between me and the next opportunity to succeed at nothing... I've got to find a few reasons to love Monday.

1. The boss is off today which means.... "just take those old records off the shelf..." Hehe. Just kidding. It means no staff meeting today which means my weekend is extended by a half hour. Woohoo!

2. I get to call the doctor this morning and say, "um... no on the lyrica... what else have ya got?"... because it makes me feel like ambien to the third power and I'm not about being altered that way. Seriously. I wake up still feeling drunk.

3. I'm going to finally take off these pajamas that I've been living in for the past two days and put on "outside the nest" clothes. Dangit. I mean... I do enjoy feeling cute and putting on my tights and boots and a cute skirt... that does a lot for your mental wellbeing. Right?

4. Only two more days until payday.

5. Singles Awareness Day today... by working, I'll avoid a nonstop barrage on facebook of pictures of long stem roses that my coupled friends got... and other trinkets, sappy "so blessed to be loved by my man" yada yada status updates... I won't see any of that until I get home.

6. 8 more hours on the clock = 8 more hours of pay + more if I manage to earn any bonus today. Which will help because the kids' dad is playing hide and seek with the child support... ignoring my messages.... why is it so hard to just say, "I'm not paying you this week" so that I know to guard what's left of my cash and can budget accordingly?

7. I overdrafted my checking account... a check I wrote on January 15th for rent was deposited last week. I keep such BAD records that I thought it had already been deposited. SO today... I get to sort out my negatives... but I'll figure it out. It always works out. Right?

8. I get to catch up on all the Grammy winners since I fell asleep 45 minutes into the show last night and missed most of it.

9. I joined NETFLIX so Austin and I are going to catch up on the movies we haven't seen since we moved up here to the land of no nearby movie theatres.

10. I'm still alive, I'm functioning... I'm able to to work... that's reason enough to love Monday, right?


LYN said...

Hubby in Iraq so no soppy post from me... :-)

life with bobbi d said...

I don't get v day gifts from the hubby so no sappy post from me either. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I'm the one who gets everyone else the sappy stuff for V-Day, and we limit it to inexpensive trickets and some chocolates, since they all love chocolate. Doug is under strict orders to NOT buy flowers this week. But he has to next week :)