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My People
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Observations - first half

Jennifer Aniston threw a great long pass in the pregame.
The Obama/O'Reilly interview was a snooze-fest.
Christina Aguilera messed up the national anthem. Sad.
Why are both teams wearing the same color pants? They clash.
I had the munchies earlier so I ate a pomegranate. Takes a long time to eat.
I'm still undecided on who I want to win but ... I strongly dislike Ben Rothlisberger.
Why is it that the full face lumberjack beards are back in style? Yuck.
I've been mostly pain free today, up until time to cook dinner and then it wasn't too bad.
Breakfast was raisin bran, skim milk and a banana.
Lunch was cheese and crackers.
Dinner was broiled tilapia and blackened baby broccoli. The blackened broccoli was an accident.
Dog knocks down door for doritos. Mmm. Stupid.
Am I the only one who goes to bathroom during the game so that I don't miss the commercials?
The last time I can remember being at a Super Bowl Party was in 1998 when Atlanta was playing. We went to Hayden and Sheree Marlowe's house. I made fried chicken tenders.
Another notable Super Bowl party... at my friends Scott and Joy's in 1996... got a call from my "godsister" Tay that her daddy had passed away. I'll never forget how she told me... she said, "we're too young to be having this conversation" and I said, "what do you mean?" and she said, "Big Daddy just died". Tragic. He was much too young to go. My husband (the kids' father) was too drunk to be sympathetic... Scott was the one who consoled me. We've been good friends ever since.
Can't believe that was 15 years ago.
I've been eating red hots this weekend. Low points value but it breaks my "no sugar" rule.
3 stupid doritos commercials in a row. I may never buy them again, in protest.
Pepsi Max commercial... way too violent. And not funny.
I thought the reading of the Declaration of Independence in the pre-game show was awesome.
I'm getting better about taking phone calls... I had three calls this weekend and I answered once. I mean... if answering the phone was baseball, I'd be a productive batter.
When they do the aerial shots it reminds me of the electronic magnetic football game that my brother had when he was a kid... you flip the switch and the little players go gliding across the field.
I bet it stinks in the huddle.
Product placement budlight commercial = stupid.
The chevy silverado truck that made a joke of the "What's that Lassie? Timmy's in a well?" line... that was funny!
Did you know that at no time during the entire Lassie series was that line ever used?
Unlike that famous line from Scooby Doo, "And I would have succeeded had it not been for you meddling kids"...
Was that Ashton Kucher behind President and Mrs. Bush? Interesting.
Gag for Cameron Diaz feeding popcorn to Alex Rodriguez. *eyeroll*
The overhead light in my kitchen has burned out and I forgot to buy light bulbs.
Touchdown, Green Bay! They lead 7-0.
More Pepsi Max violence. Epic fail.
Doritoes bring grampa back to life?
So far our Super Bowl commercials have featured beer, tortilla chips and cars. Good times.
Interception... touch down Green Bay! GB leads 14-0
Why is it that manly men like football players don't mind getting patted on the rear end by their teammates and coaches? Can you imagine that in the normal workplace?
Bridgestone Tire commercial where the guy thinks he replied to all... sorta funny.
Go using Joan Rivers... ummm... no.
Orange kudzu... not a new commercial. I'm expecting all new...
I'm getting sleepy and we're only in the beginning of the second quarter. I've got to get out of this toddler bedtime I've had lately.
And the Steelers make a field goal to bring the score to 14-3 - still Packers lead.
"Hold me closer, tiny dancer" beer commercial is kinda funny.
"Dear Kim, your rack is unreal" ... Teleflora commerical... not really funny. Good try using Faith Hill, though.
John Travolta ... Ronnie Howard... lots of celebs at the Super Bowl.
From twitter: Cameron Diaz should know better than to feed ARod right now, everyone knows he chokes in big games.
I didn't understand the coke dragon commercial.
HA! That little Darth Vadar commercial was really cute... scored the first giggle of the night from me.
Snickers commercial... more violence... knocked Rosanne down with a log. Wasn't there a major uproar about Tim Tebow knocking his mother down last year?
Lots of movie previews... none of them that interest me, yet.
Ready to see Kim Kardashian's commercial.
Another interception for Green Bay... wassup, Ben? And... PS... that beard is creepy.
there's a sign that says, DC ... under the Green Bay defensive coordinator... and his initials are also DC. I'm not clear if the DC is meant to signal his job title or his initials.
Another Green Bay touchdown... 21-3.
I predict that the Steelers come back in the second half.
They just completed a pass for 37 yards. Told ya. I mean, it's still the first half, but I was right that the Steelers aren't going to just lay down and give it up.
Carmax "kid in a candy store" commercial... really cute.
Lots of injuries so far tonight... 3 people have left the game by my count.
A fourth player leaves.
Big pass to Hines Ward... Steelers have regained some momentum.
And again... first and goal. less than a minute in the first half.
Touchdown Steelers! Score is now 21-10.
I really like the Katy Perry song, "firework"... something about it is very catchy.
I also, shamefully, remembered how much I enjoy Britney Spears' music while watching her Glee episode yesterday.
AND another guy heads to the locker room with an injury. I think. May just be a team meeting. Maybe "Kim" from the Teleflora ad is in there. Who can say?
Austin's been a bit of a grouch today. He's roaming around trying to decide what to fix himself for dinner.
Kauffman tire with the talking nail... nope.