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My People
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Monday, February 21, 2011

reasons to love Monday

I love my weekends so much... partly because I'm such a free spirit that punching a time clock is counterintuitive to me... (although we don't have an ACTUAL time clock, but you get the point)... and partly because I am physically uncomfortable at work. BUT... as long as I'm gainfully employed, I can provide a better life for myself and Austin. I don't take that for granted... and although I love my weekends... I can always find reasons to love Monday!

1. The weather here has been beautiful lately... it improves your mood, makes you smile at strangers, allows you to be in the great outdoors, makes lunch break so much more pleasant. I love the weather we're having... even on Monday.

2. There are no teenagers at my office. The occasional teen that comes through is either paying a bill or just starting to drive. They come to me sort of meek and mild and awed by this great responsibility/priviledge before them. I don't have to put up with any teens texting me with profane language... none of the teens that comes to my office calls me ugly names. It's a rebellious teen free zone.

3. Got child support yesterday evening... nine days late... but it came... and it came with a promise of more this coming weekend. Piecing my budget together bit by bit... but it does come together. God is good.

4. I was finally able to get the lidoderm pain patches that my doctor prescribed. Their cost before insurance? $289 for 30. Because I've hit my deductible now... they cost $21. The HOPE is that they will relieve the pain in my back without altering me... they're a topical anesthetic... I gave them a test run on Saturday night and... eh... I'm not sure they take away a lot of the pain but even if they take the edge off. Ibuprofen also helps take the edge off so maybe the combo will work for me.

5. Wow for the encouragement I got last night. Truly, what satan means for my harm, God uses for my good. Between the drama with Austin and the ugly comment that was left... I had some serious warfare against me... but God's people are stronger... they are faithful... they are consistent... and the voices speaking encouragement were louder than the whispers of discouragement. I can face Monday knowing that a lot of good people have my back.

6. I will never forget the prayer that I prayed on the day this back trouble started... I said, "Lord, show me your power in a mighty way... " and He has. Be careful what you pray for. WOULD I have prayed that if I had known what would happen in my life immediately after? The truth of the matter is that this was coming no matter what the attitude of my heart. Allowing God to show me His power through it just gives ME the power to deal with things in the right way. Having that power is reason enough to love Monday. Or any day.

7. I went to the grocery store on Saturday morning and have great picnic supplies on hand for my sunny car picnic today. I've got a few great books that I'm enjoying... I've got a spring in my step... it's all good.

8. Physical therapy attempt number two is scheduled for today. Again... having met my deductible, the cost for this is affordable for me. I'll have to take a short lunch since I'm leaving early... but I'll get to have that electrical stimulation and warm moist heat that feels. so. good. Less time sitting, less stress on my back today.

It's gonna be a great Monday, y'all. I've got a lot of people who love me and support me. I'm not defined by the things people say about me... be it a disgruntled teenageer or a disgruntled blog reader. I write this blog and I write my own life story - hopefully with a little guidance from above. God is good. Monday, like any other day, is in His hands... as is my life and my kids' lives.


Anonymous said...

Just catching up with you over the last couple of days ~ yay, you, for calling the cops on Austin. Or more importantly, calling JIM on Austin. It is amazing how one night in juvenile detention changed Nicholas's perspective on things. Although he did end up dropping out of high school, he did get his GED, and now, several years later, has a high security level clearance with the Navy and is manning high-tech Naval equipment that I cannot even begin to describe, now on an extended deployment in the waters off some unknown region of the world. Long story short, he was more intimidated by his CO than his own parents. Go figure.

Hope PT goes well for you this week. I do have to ask about steroid therapy again (and I know you are adverse to it) but it helped me soooo much when my back was at its worse. It really knocks out the swelling and inflammation. If you are having some success with ibuprofen it may be because it is helping with the inflammation. Consider it, pretty please :)

mmmbrown625 said...

Well, don't know why that crazy number came up again when I posted. I claim the last comment, and this one too.