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My People
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl... halftime and beyond observations...

I kinda like the Blackeyed Peas. Sorta. I mean... "I got a feelin" is a catchy tune.
Glow in the dark body suits... hmmm... do you think that if they didn't have these kind of major productions they could charge less for tickets?
Slash. Hmmm. That's different. But I do like this Fergie version of Sweet Child of Mine.
"Let's get it started"... great choice for the occasion. I can see why they were chosen. I've enjoyed the show... so far... now here's Usher. Not a fan but that leap with a split was cool.
Overall... I would say that the halftime show wasn't horrible... but it wasn't memorable either.
Fergie seemed off key. Or something. Something wasn't right.
On facebook the reviews are completely bi-polar.
Starting the 3rd quarter... with a facemask penalty against Green Bay.
I think I want Green Bay to win.
The "let others go first"... carmax commercial was cute.
I always, always love the Etrade baby.
Ozzy and the Biebs in the Best Buy commercial... that's what you expect from a Superbowl commercial.
I have an odd craving for guacamole. Sort of like craving turkey at Thanksgiving. Superbowl begs for guac. Alas, I have none. AND... I'm out of WW points for the day.
Another injury... collision with cameraman.
Like a hot knife thru butter... Steelers touchdown! I told ya.
Cram cam... looks like my car... I mean, the stuff inside.
More violence... seems to be the theme of the night... poor "test baby"...
First living recipient of the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. I do appreciate the underlying current of patriotism in the Super Bowl.
Score is now 21-17, Green Bay.... but the momentum is all Steelers right now.
And once again, let me say, I told ya!
I predict that the Steelers take the lead on this possession.
Kaleidoscope commercial is making me dizzy.
Have any of you done the Groupon thing? How does that work?
I must have missed Kim Kardashian's commercial. It was supposed to be in the second half.
Coke "open happiness" with two soldiers... um... Coke usually does better. I mean... these are the people who brought us, "I'd like to buy the world a coke..."
I forgot that i needed to fill my gas tank today. I'll have to do it BEFORE work tomorrow. Ugh.
LOVED the "customer service is not a thing of the past" Carmax commercial!
Ok, I was wrong... Steelers didn't score... missed a long field goal.
Eminem commercial was... yeah... not impressed... "this is the Motor City"... imported from Detroit. I guess that's touting the american made thing?
Another funny from twitter: Forget , if wins the he's going to Delta Delta Delta!
I wonder if the cast members of the Office are for the Steelers since their show is set in Scranton, PA?
A little pushing and shoving on the last play... hmmm...
The official injury report lists four players who are out for the game... I told you it was rough.
I'm really bored with this half. And ready to go to bed.
Wouldn't it be cool if we could have a challenge flag for real life? If you disagreed with a decision that didn't go in your favor.... toss your little beanbag out there and make the powers that be look more carefully.
Tomorrow I go back to the urologist... and i feel almost certain they're going to tell me that my pain is not from kidney stones. Just a gut feeling (no pun intended). I just realized today that as long as I'm still and on heat, the pain is mostly controlled. A kidney stone wouldn't stop hurting, I don't think.
I loved the commercial with all the old tv shows... BEST commercial of the night, so far.
And....I'm sleepy... made it through three quarters... now I'm tucking myself in bed and gonna find my zzzzz.
G'night y'all.


Anonymous said...

And the PACK wins.....oh yeah!!!! Go Pack Go!

Land family said...

Have you been checked for gall bladder stones? Something about the pain and heat that reminded me of my pain. It was hell! Hope you can get a diagnosis.