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My People
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Friday, April 30, 2010

so far... not loving 42

So far I'm not loving 42.
Yesterday at work there was a little situation that got me upset... and once I got started crying, I couldn't stop. I left to take a drive and clear my head and calm down and got hit with a migraine. I fought the migraine all day... remember, I'm avoiding prescription drugs as much as possible so I didn't go home and pop my usual migraine eraser (which also erases my ability to function)... I went home, took some naproxen, got something to eat, closed my eyes and then decided to try again. As soon as I got into the sunlight, the pain came back so I went back to bed... covers over my head... slept for four hours and woke up feeling ok.
The migraine meds are ridiculously expensive - about $30 a pill. It's interesting to me that the headache went away with naproxen and sleep.
I wanted to go out for dinner but Austin wasn't up for it so I got a salad at the Ingles and bought a piece of red velvet cake for us to split.
It didn't rate among the best of birthdays.
I got lots of good wishes on Facebook, though, so that was nice.
My co-workers gave me a gift card because I wanted money to get my hair cut.
Grandma sent me a check.
I asked Angie and Jim for Weight Watchers for my birthday. Angie made lifetime last summer and has maintained beautifully. Weight Watchers has always been the most successful thing for me as long as I'm totally working it... going to meetings, etc. The meetings aren't cheap but if they get me started for a few meetings and I adjust my eating habits then I can funnel some grocery/eating out money toward Weight Watchers.
May is a ridiculously busy month for Angie, though, so it will be June before we go.
Austin forgot it was my birthday.
Ryan and Cody both called. Cody & Marquee will be up here on Saturday for premarital counseling with Jim.
Day 2 of 42 started with another headache... not as bad as yesterday, just a shadow where the headache was. That happens to me after migraines.
Farmville isn't working for me... I'm out of places to dig on Treasure Isle... so my social network gaming for this morning has been curtailed.
Watching the news makes me feel like the world's gone crazy. People are protesting the law in Arizona that says we have to enforce already existing immigration laws. To punish illegals for being illegal. And that's a problem because? I don't get it.
Gonna go make some coffee... slip into my jeans... and get this unruly 42 under control.
Happy Friday, y'all.


Remo said...

I don't remember if I cried when I was 42 or not. You cry less as you get older, mostly because you're so senile you can't remember what made you sad. Win-Win.

stasha said...

You used my favorite word :) I hope you feel better soon! and I hope to see you sunday at church! I love you!