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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

tuesday morning report

The sun is shining. We expect a high of 80 today. The pollen count is 2351. Anything over 120 is extremely high. My lungs are filling up with green junk. I'm trying to postpone/avoid a trip to the doctor, lung xray and bronchitis diagnosis. The fatigue has set in like last year but I am still in the denial stage. Eating lots of fresh produce. I've figured out that citrus foods irritate my bladder so I'm trying to do vitamin c without citrus. It's doable.

I had a wonderful break in my day yesterday picking up Jamie and Sarabeth and taking them to dance. Sarabeth just wanted a headband.... Jamie got a real ballet hairdo... I did two french braids joining into one braid in the back and then tucked up into a bun. She was waaaay cute! We had a lovely chat in the car as Jamie read to me from Max Lucado's "When Christ Comes Back" and Beth Moore's "So Long Insecurity". She's in pre-school and she could read the word "insecurity". The Max Lucado book launched us into a discussion of the rapture which was incredibly interesting. I love thinking about things through the mind of a child.

Kate Gosselin is on the Today show. I still find her interesting. I don't think she's the best mom in the world but neither am I. I was drawn to their show initially because they were real people and she still feels to me like a real person dropped into the middle of a surreal situation. I think Jon is a huge tool. I've been where Kate is... working her butt off and being criticized for working too much as a single mom. You have to do the best you can and non-custodial parents have no right to complain. Her dancing was much better last night, too.

Time to glam and dash... hope you have a great day!


Missie said...

Kate and Jon have been given so much free stuff since the kids were born by a local church here. She's had tons of free plastic surgery, Jon had hair implants. That big gigantic house they live in is paid off. Jon's father bought the house for the kids. They spent all the money they made from the show. Good thing the money for the kids is in a protective acct. She's not a single mom. She has 4 nanny's that take care of those kids every day even when she's home. Believe me, I know cause they live in my town. Lucky me! Boy could I make the money if I went to a rag magazine! LOL