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My People
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sometimes the fog makes things clearer

Sometimes the fog makes things clearer.
There was dense fog here in the mountains this morning, which meant that I couldn’t see the sunrise or the mountains on my drive in… but I could see…. On both sides of the road… these little white fuzzy flowers… or so I thought… about the size of sunflowers. I was calling them “moonflowers” in my head, although I’m not really sure that’s a real kind of flower. Then I realized… they weren’t flowers at all but spider webs accentuated by the fog. I never would have known there were THAT MANY spider webs on the side of the road. Never would have realized how beautiful a spider web could be with just the right conditions. Never paid that much attention to the sides of the roadway, since the distant mountain ranges are so incredibly beautiful.
Sometimes, I guess, there is beauty far closer to you than you realize, and all you need to do is quit gazing wistfully at the distance and appreciate what you have close at hand.
That was my Whiny Wednesday philosophy for you.
Tomorrow is Earth Day, which sorta grates on my nerves because it gives a platform to all the Tree-Huggers and Environmental Whackos who still believe in Global Warming. GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH, PEOPLE! It’s a generation of people who are more concerned with the creation than the Creator. It’s a departure from pragmatism and common sense and it’s an effort to place animals and plants in higher order than people – a direct conflict with God’s plan for the world He created.
Just like last summer… my voice is leaving me. And of course, over the past two days at work I’ve gotten every half deaf and/or non-english speaking person, requiring me to strain even harder to talk.
Austin went back to school today. His ankle still hurts but it’s going to hurt for weeks. He’s going to end up not finishing tenth grade if he doesn’t get his act together. I asked that they excuse him from PE. I’m still halfway expecting to get a call today asking me to come pick him up. If he calls… argh. No idea what I’ll do.
Just finished my emails from Monday. Missing a day messes up the next two days. Then I had some extraneous issues – extra little assignments- and the computers were down yesterday afternoon.
I love how Whiny Wednesday always lives up to it’s name.
Emailing with my sister-out-law Candice this morning. She and my brother Bryan are coming down for the wedding next month. She asked if there was a place we could get our hair done before the wedding… I suggested my usual girl up here in Hooterville. Candice was thinking more of an Atlanta based location. She’s worried that we’ll look like we just stepped out of Steel Magnolias. Big hair, my friend, never goes out of style! In the south the bigger the occasion, the bigger the hair! She could pretend to be the Aunt from Jersey. Allegedly. I have no first hand knowledge of Jersey hair. In late May, in the south, as long as I don’t frizz I don’t care how big my hair is.


Lainey Laine said...

Awwwww yeah your right there is alot of beauty close up that we seem to overlook. Laine xxxx