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My People
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

thankful that it's thursday

Working up the right frame of mind for a Thankful Thursday post.

I’m in a dilemma. My dear friend, A.T. is getting married on Saturday. In Newnan. Two hours away. And unless I get a cash infusion (such as child support) in the next few days, it’s going to be near to impossible for us to go. I talked to the kids’ dad and he says he’s paying tomorrow. Hope that holds true. I missed A.T.’s first wedding because I went into labor with Cody. She’s been such an important part of my life… I want to be there for her big day.

I’m so sick of being poor. I don’t need to be stinkin’ rich but to not have to plan my life around whether or not we have gas or grocery money would be nice.

Church last night was great. I love my girls – both the little red-headed ones who share my blood – and the big ones who are my sister friends. It was awesome to have time with all of them. Jamie is having asthma trouble… I could tell by her flush cheeks and the ring of white around her mouth. That was Ryan standard look for six months of the year when he was little. I asked her how she felt and she shrugged… I said, “give me a thumbs up or thumbs down” and she pointed her thumbs exactly horizontal. That’s my Jay-gurl! She has this wit about her that is far beyond her age.

I really needed that time at church to “re-ground” myself. There are some things that have been really weighing on my nerves and my heart… I guess you would call them “every day frustrations”… but they’re piling up. I needed to sorta clear my heart and mind. But… it’s Thankful Thursday, so I won’t complain about those things today.

The weather here is gorgeous. Sunny and perfectly mild.

Austin has a horrible cold but his ankle looks much better.

Angie was a bit bummed last night because there’s a scheduling conflict that will keep them from being able to have her 40th birthday party the day she wanted. But the good news is that it will be postponed until the following week and Candice and Bryan will be here for it! (or as Stasha said, “Aunt Candice is coming! Yay!”) It will be the day after Cody’s wedding. So glad it’s Memorial Day weekend and I’ll have Sunday and Monday to re-coop from a busy Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

The weekend prior to that will be the girls’ first ever dance recital. You know I’ll be a picture taking fool! Ryan will be in town at the time of the recital… hope he’ll be able to come to it.

The church directory came out this week and wow. Our picture is pathetic. Does anyone ever take a good church directory photo? They need to let me do the photos. I take much better pictures without the price or the hassle. I’m still not over their pushy salesman telling me I needed the “retouch package” to get rid of my wrinkles and Austin’s acne. AS IF! I think I look purty good for almost 42. One week until my birthday!

Today’s Thankful Thursday list is by Bit-Bit the Ferocious Warrior Kitty…
1. I’m thankful that mommy has strings on all of her pj pants. LOVE STRINGS!
2. I’m thankful that mommy lets me sleep on her chest. And her hip. And her leg. And whatever else part of her I decide to sprawl out on.
3. I’m thankful that mommy is soft and cozy.
4. I’m thankful that mommy put up with all the scratches I inflicted on her while I was still learning to retract my claws. I’m better at walking on soft feet now.
5. I’m thankful that Big Kitty helps keep me clean.
6. I’m thankful that Boy changes my litter box every few days.
7. I’m thankful for kibble, tuna juice and treats.
8. I’m thankful that people love to pet baby kitties. I can always get a little lovin’ when I need it.
9. I’m thankful that I’m so cute that people want to pick me up and cuddle me.
10. I’m thankful for empty toilet paper rolls, ribbons and other little trinkets and treasures lying around the house for me to play with.

I had caldo de pollo (chicken soup) for lunch and ... a few... chips with salsa. I have the most uncomfortable heartburn now. I never get heartburn. I feel like I'm choking on it. Ugh. I had prayed that God would help me eat responsibly. Think He's trying to tell me something?

Well, if nothing else, I'm thankful that it's Thursday. Love and hugs, y'all.

Thankful Thursday. Really. I'm thankful.


Anonymous said...

Austin needs to be elevating that ankle even if it is looking better.

stasha said...

Baha! I really did say it like that too! lol!ANd I'm excited to mean Uncle Brian too! lol! Can't wait to sit behide you in church on Sunday (b/c you WILL be there ;) lol) It's been way too long! Love you! :)

stasha said...

I meant to put "I'm excited to meet uncle Brian" lol!