My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, April 2, 2010

Yabba Dabba Dooo where are you?

It’s always harder to work when it’s a holiday everywhere but in my office. Good Friday… a day that I consider far more holy than Christmas… but hardly noticed by some. I guess if we had a Good Friday gift giving tradition more people would take notice. As it is… we overlook the day that commemorates the greatest gift that was ever given to us. Just another day. Schools are out in Habersham (the county where I work) but not in White (the county where I live). Our office is open, like most businesses. Banks are open. Mail gets delivered. I think we take more notice of the day that Elvis died than the day that Christ died.

So I’m here … and working at getting my mind set for work. Someone just asked if I’m ok. I’m fine. I’m great. I’m just in a state of quiet reflection. And tired. It’s been a long week. We had a busy weekend last weekend and I’m dragging. Not much on my plate for this weekend. Getting Austin ready for his week at his grandparents. Easter Service at church. Peace and quiet. I’m tired. I need a break. It’s been so long since I had a real vacation. I’ve had tons of sick days scattered over the past year but no real vacation. No real time off just for R&R. It’s catching up with me. I’m stuffy and my eyes are burning and my face itches from allergies. I have a little cough. Just a little. Not too bad. It was more noticeable yesterday.

I got to work early this morning. It was unintentional. Just happened. Gave me a few minutes to collect my thoughts here.

Bitty kitty woke me up at 5am trying to bite my butt. I don’t know why. He climbed UNDER the covers and apparently I looked like a good juicy teething ring. He’s a little trouble maker. He loves to climb on the little side table beside my nest and find some little treasure to carry off. He has created a little fort for himself under my tv stand and he takes all his pirated booty there. He thinks that is home base for him. He will “hide” in his fort and grab at Stubby when he goes by as if Stubby can’t reach him. His other favorite game is to climb up on my stepladder and play king of the mountain with Stubby. Stubby’s not so very nimble. I found a red ribbon, a hair band and a pita chip in the fort this morning. One way to get Bitty Kitty in line is to whimper. He can’t stand it. He puts his paw over my lips to try to stop it. If that doesn’t work, he’ll lick my face. He’s a sweet kitty… but he’s acting like a crazy toddler right now. He hasn’t learned the rules yet. He’s starting to understand “no” but he’s not as good as Stubby about it.

One other thing… I’m realizing how many of my pj pants / loungewear has dangling strings. Every time I go to the bathroom Bitty Kitty tries to climb the drawstrings to get into my lap. Sharp, uncontrolled kitten claws on bare skin = unpleasant potty time.

Ryan bought his plane ticket to come home for Cody’s wedding. I was shocked at the price – much cheaper than I would have thought, especially over Memorial Day weekend. He’s paying $179 round trip from Allentown, PA to Atlanta, GA. Makes me want to book a flight out to see him this summer!

I was shocked to learn – but shouldn’t have been – that there is a White County Agricultural Hall of Fame. Apparently the top farmers in the county are added. When you google it, you mostly see it listed in obits.

I mailed in my census form today. Sometimes it’s still weird to be part of a household of two. It will be even stranger when it’s just me and the kitties. I went from living in a house with five kids… to having three kids… to being with Michael and our Brady bunch blended family of anywhere between 1 and 7 boys at a time… to it being just me and Doodle Bug.

Well… let the weekend countdown begin… Yabba Dabba Doo time can’t get here early enough for me today… beautiful Spring day… I’m ready to get out and enjoy! Y’all have a great Easter weekend! Love and hugs!