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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the dirt on me

I got tagged by Emmi (who I adore, by the way!) who wanted me to share some dirt on myself. Seriously... as if there is anything you don't ALREADY know!

Here are the rules:
* link to the person who tagged you
* list 6 random things about yourself
* tag 6 new people
* let each tagged person know by posting a comment on their blog
* link to the 6 people you've tagged
* and let the person who tagged you know that you posted

Things you may not know about me - random- Let's make this fun - give yourself one point for everything you DID know about me already and leave me a comment with your score!

1. I'm left handed. Not just a little bit left-handed but "keep the paper completely sideways when I write and smudge ink all over my hand" left handed.

2. I have four brothers. (that's on my sidebar so not a lot of research involved there!) Jim is in Clarkesville GA, Michael is in Chattanooga TN, Bryan is in NYC and David is in Acworth GA.

3. I bite my fingernails.

4. I love sharpie markers. One of my favorite stress relievers is to color with markers. My husband called it "retard-istry".

5. I love live theatre.... creating, watching... you name it. I love musicals and will sing along with them whenever possible.

6. I love to sing. I'm not incredibly awesome or talented or anything. I don't care if I'm offkey. I just love to sing... I sing all the time.

I have to pick six people to tag... and I really hate that part of it. Sooooo... if you want to do this, tag yourself and leave a comment and I promise to link to your blog in a separate entry. I promise!

OK... for today's big news... I now have a valid tag on my car! Woohoo! I went this morning and took care of it... well, let me back up... I had PLANNED to take care of it this morning and then Doofus (aka Austin) missed the bus and I had a mini-meltdown thinking... AGAIN I would be foiled in my attempt at getting legal. But I took a deep breath and said, "ok... make me a bagel to eat in the car and let's go". So he did and we did and it was ok... it only put me behind by about five minutes...

Here's the funny thing... a week ago when I went to attempt to get the tag and needed the drivers license I stood outside the courthouse for about ten minutes waiting for the front door to be unlocked and felt like a big old idiot when the sheriff came to the door and said, "you just have to pull it". Doink! So this morning I walked up to the courthouse and there was a crowd of about a dozen people waiting and I asked as I walked up, "is it locked?" and got a chorus of "yes"es. Keep in mind... it was in the mid-thirties... it was cold! SO imagine what a hero I was when I walked up to the door and pulled it open! It was funny... I was only slightly smug... I did explain that the same thing had happened to me. The sheriff chuckled at me.... like I've said... in a small town when you meet someone the first time you are a stranger, the second time your paths cross you are old friends!

After getting the tag I surveyed the line for early voting and it looked pretty manageable. I figured better to take ten or fifteen minutes today rather than take hours next week... so I voted! Again, I was amused by the sense of community in our little town. Seriously... the guy who was telling voters which line to get in said to me, "alright honey, go ahead and get in Miss Betty's line" as if I knew who Miss Betty was! I guessed wrong and he corrected me, "Miss Betty is the lady in blue..." I said, "I'm sorry, I'm new here!" It was funny... and I promise, they really asked the lady in front of me, "howzyermama'n'em?" It's a word, not a sentence. They talked about who was expecting and who was "battling cancer". Nobody here HAS cancer... they're "battling". Anyways... I did my patriotic duty and now I can sit back and wait for the results. Next week.

Quick takes:

Cloris Leachman. I just don't know what to say.

It's cold here. Even colder in Chicago where my Purple Michael is.

Work was good today. My desk is set up now and I love it.

Today I finally hung up the clothes that I washed on Saturday.

Austin cooked chicken on the George Foreman grill for dinner and he's aggravated that I haven't eaten it yet.

The whole Jennifer Hudson story breaks my heart.

I'm planning another EBT tonight (early bedtime)

Sarabeth and Jamie had a soccer game tonight but it was too freaking cold for me!

Did I mention that it's cold?

Hope you all have a good night... love and hugs!


Anonymous said...

Ya sound good today . . . I, too, was so sad to hear about the whole Jennifer Hudson tragedy - that's a horrible scenario for anyone to have to go through . . . I really feel for her and her sister . . .

*Tracy* said...

yay i can comment! first off loveed the country pics , yummo recipes. glad you got your tag for car squared away. hope your week is going well. hugs

D said...

Okay, I did this one. Hi,Heather!

Myra said...

The only thing I wasn't sure about is the nail biting...or maybe I knew but didn't know I knew. Whatever! Anyway, glad you did your civic duty by voting AND becoming legal with your tags! Your mama can breathe a huge ol' sigh of relief!

Tina of Moon Shine said...

I plan on doing MY civic duty tomorrow after i drop off the girls at school.
Cloris went home tonight. it was either her or Susan in my opinion anyway. I believe Susan will be next to go.
glad things are coming together for you.

Kelly Dawn said...

ok so I was tagged too by emmi i believe :) and I will do them tomorrow :) And guess what?? I KNEW ALL 6 of yours! woohooo! :) I am planning to vote tomorrow on my lunch hour :)

love you


Ericanbiloxi said...

LOL, nothing you shared about yourself was new to me. Heck, I could prolly elaborate on your answers and even give stories about each on of em hehehe
I tried to watch dwts this go round, but the old lady just turned my stomach. I did love seeing the big guy....the ex football player I believe*. He had spunk. I hope he is still on there.
Oh, I wonder how the weather is there, is it cold? lol

Big Mark 243 said...

I would do the tagged thing, but I worry about being intrusive. I am left-handed, and I consider myself very left handed as well. I shudder to think what I would do if something should happen to it!

Your driver's license experience is a familiar one ... funny how though we come from different backgrounds, and go thru the world differently, there are things that are common to us, as well as the 'important, unimportant' things in life.

Since this is 'tightening the corset', I will tell you to concentrate on the 'effort' and keep building mucscle and core strength. The body is going to naturally want to gain weight, so the best you can do is make the burn as efficent as possible until the metabolism lets you lose weight.

Have a good day!

Emmi said...

I'm still in shock over the Hudson family murders. So sad that a child was taken so early in his life. Thanks for playing the meme game ... I knew everything already =D YEAH ... you voted!!! We reds gotta stick together! Have a great day ... stay warm.

Beth said...

Good job on voting! It felt kind of special to me this year!

As for #4 in your tags? Your husband calling it "retard-istry?" To heck with him. Whatever brings you relaxation, joy, and lets you feel a sense of creativity is a GOOD THING. I used to buy these books with elaborately patterned designs that I colored with felt tip pens. The end product looked like stained glass windows, and I loved doing it. It calmed me and brought me a sense of serenity. Shame on him for ridiculing something you love to do! Hmph!

Love, Beth