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My People
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Friday, October 31, 2008

thankful Friday... because I'm just different

I love Fridays because I get to wear jeans. Some of y'all have Thankful Thursdays posts and that's awesome... but I'm always MOST Thankful on Friday! I love Fridays because it's the end of a long work week and because I look forward to weekends here in the mountains. I look forward to church on Sunday. I look forward to down time on Saturday. I look forward to football Saturdays (Go Gators!). It's just a happy day for me.

As the number of things on my stress list dwindles down - things like getting a bed, making sure our bills are paid, all the utilities turned on, making sure my car is legal, getting mine and Austin's health insurance squared away (both had to wait for my first pay stub, which I get today!) - the fewer things like that I'm stressed over, the more I can focus on additional details... things like hanging pictures on the wall (which I haven't done yet but will do this weekend)... I can start to think about curtains (mom wanted to make them last weekend but I just couldn't visualize them yet)... And with Halloween passing us by tonight, I can start to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas! With my limited budget, it's going to take some careful planning to do something (affordable) for the people I love for Christmas. I've got to plan ahead!

I did sleep well last night (Thanks, Tina!) and my bed is perfectly cozy for me. I am feeling more of a cold coming on than I did earlier in the week... it was there, lurking, first thing in the morning all week, making me feel a little icky... and this morning my nose and eyes are dripping and there is a definite tickle in my throat and I have this junky cough. It was bound to happen sometime... and my health insurance will be back in force tomorrow so I am not panicked as I would have been to start getting sick without health insurance. I have a few things of antibiodics too... but for now... I'm thinking this is just plain old fashioned weather changing cold. I think I am going to forego the outdoor trick or treating/festival at the college and stay in tonight... which means I'll need to pick up some candy for trick or treaters!

I have some pictures to share but blogger isn't cooperating... I'll try in a different entry...
Hope you have a Happy Halloween and an awesome Friday!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Fridays are always my favorite day of the week because I know the weekend is ahead. Hope your day is a great one! 'On Ya'- ma

Big Mark 243 said...

I think you are going about things just fine. Keep doing the right things, and you will get everything done!

You aren't alone in a journey like the one you are on. Remember that.

Heather said...

Happy Halloween hun. I hope you are feeling better soon. The bed looks very comfy and a heck of a lot more comfortable than a twin mattress on the floor :)
xoxo, Heather

Myra said...

There are only 2 of us in the office today, and denim is NOT allowed EVER! But Kathy said she was going to wear her black jeans. I pulled mine out, and I just couldn't do it! I'm wearing a skirt! TGIF!

sober white women said...

Yes today is payday for us. I have to go hit a few stores and then I am going to come home.

We have a set budget for Christmas as well. I have my list made out and I have just a few more things to order and go buy and then I am done.

Dawn said...

Ahhh but that is why it is Thankful Thursday! It is easy to be thankful on Friday! I am sorry you are getting a cold... feel better and have a great Halloween and weekend!